ProVUE Releases Enhanced Version of Panorama
RAM based database for PC and Macintosh

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Huntington Beach, California - November 10, 2001 - ProVUE Development
announces the release of Panorama 4.0.1, introduced today.
Panorama 4.0.1 is a maintenance release that also includes
several significant new features, including automatic guides,
improved image support, several new wizards and a new personal
use license. "Usually an X.0.1 release is strictly for
maintenance" says James Rea, president of ProVUE Development.
"Even though it has only been three months since our major
Panorama 4.0 release, we decided to give our loyal customers
some hot new goodies along with the usual bug fixes."


As objects are moved or resized with the arrow keys Panorama
4.0.1 automatically displays alignment guides whenever two or
more objects are aligned. Beta tester Peter Guerrini says "This
feature is going to save me hours in setting up perfectly
aligned forms."


Panorama's optional Enhanced Image Pack now includes support for
GIF, LZW compressed TIFF and Photoshop file formats. In
addition, Panorama is now more compatible with JPEG images from
any source and can now print sharp reduced images (for example
thumbnails) on Macintosh systems. "Panorama 4.0.1 gives our
image catalog database an unbeatable combination of database
speed and image quality" according to James Cook, president of
Hindsight Ltd. in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


Panorama 4.0.1 adds several new choices to Panorama 4.0's
collection of two dozen wizards. A new WIZARD MANAGER helps keep
the wizards organized. The SEARCH ALL FIELDS wizard makes it
easy to search all of the fields in a database at once instead
of one field at a time. The new MINI STATISTICS wizard adds
basic statistic functions to Panorama. The ARRANGE WINDOWS
wizard makes it easy to manage up to 32 windows on the screen.


Panorama is normally licensed for use on a single computer, but
Panorama 4.0.1 now supports a personal use license option. This
option allows a single copy of Panorama to be used on multiple
computers (all copies must be for the personal use of a single
person). A typical example would be a person that owns both a
desktop and a laptop computer. The personal use license costs
less than $30 and allows Panorama to be used on all of the
computers owned by that person.


Panorama 4.0.1 includes over 50 bug fixes that will enhance the
stability and operation of the program, especially on Windows

For a complete description of all the new features in Panorama
4.0.1 see

ProVUE has also updated Panorama's PDF documentation to reflect
the new features described above. The new PDF documentation can
be downloaded from our web site.


System Requirements (Windows):
- Pentium 233 Mhz or greater processor
- Microsoft Windows 95 (or later, Windows 98 or later
recommended) or Windows NT 4.0 (or later)
- 16 Mb of available RAM (32 Mb recommended)
- 8-75 Mb of available hard disk space

System Requirements (Macintosh):
- Apple Power Macintosh computer
- Mac OS software version 7.6 (or later, including OS X in
"Classic" mode)
- 16 Mb of available RAM (32 Mb recommended)
- 8-75 Mb of available hard disk space

- Panorama 4.0 to 4.0.1 Upgrade (Mac/Win) FREE (web download)
- Panorama 4.0.1 for Windows $299.00
- Panorama 4.0.1 for Macintosh $299.00
- Panorama 3.x to 4.0.1 Sidegrade* (Windows) $199.95
- Panorama 3.x to 4.0.1 Upgrade (Macintosh) $69.95
- Panorama 2.x to 4.0.1 Upgrade (Macintosh) $129.95

(* Existing Panorama 3 customers are eligible for one sidegrade
for each registered copy of Panorama 3.x)


BACKGROUND: ProVUE Development Corporation, based in Southern California, has been developing interactive productivity tools for well over two decades. From the beginning, ProVUE products have been known for their innovation and performance. Since 1978 over 100,000 customers have used ProVUE products on the CP/M, Alpha Micro, PC, and Macintosh platforms. ProVUE, a privately held corporation, was one of the first commercial developers of Macintosh software, shipping its first Mac program, OverVUE, in August of 1984. Our primary product is Panorama, which was first introduced on the Macintosh in 1988 and has nearly one hundred thousand users on that platform.

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