ProVUE Releases Panorama Enterprise Server
Fully RAM Based Client/Server Database System

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Huntington Beach, California - July 30, 2008 - ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama Enterprise Server, the first totally RAM based general purpose database server for Mac OS X. The Enterprise Server product is designed to work in conjunction with ProVUE's Panorama 5.5 database software (released in December 2007) on client machines, and can also be used for web database publishing (for use with standard web browsers). Unlike traditional client/server systems that sequester all of the data on a central server, the Panorama Enterprise system uses a "mesh" architecture to distribute RAM based copies of the shared data across the network. This mesh technology dramatically cuts delays associated with common database tasks by spreading the load across the network.

According to James Rea, President of ProVUE Development, "The Enterprise system works much like a formation of fighter jets teamed with an aerial tanker. Instead of hoarding all of the data on the central server, the Enterprise system distributes complete, redundant copies of the shared data across the network mesh. Operations that don't involve other clients (searching, sorting, analysis, reports, etc.) are performed independently at lightning speed in each client's local RAM. The server is only involved for coordinating data flow across the mesh, managing record locking and updating modified data on clients as necessary."

Dozens of beta testers have been using the Enterprise system for up to two years. Chris Watts, Visual Effects Supervisor for the hit movie "300", used Panorama Enterprise to manage the tens of thousands of visual effects in that movie: "We created over 30,000 quicktime clips during the course of the 300 production. Everything is on a tight deadline, and we can't afford to drop the ball on even a single detail. Panorama Enterprise allowed us to coordinate the work across the entire team, saving thousands of hours during the post-production process."

Beta tester Dr. Rickey L. Williams, President of Tanque Verde Pediatrics in Tuscon, AZ, appreciates the speed, reliablility and ease-of-use of the Enterprise system: "Our large office relies completely on Panorama and Panorama Enterprise server, all running on 24 Mac Minis. In the past year we've logged every one of our more than 19,000 patient visits in our electronic health record, and it works great. We also use it for prescriptions, scheduling, billing, immunization records, checking and credit card accounts. It never crashes or freezes and we've never lost any data."

Transvideo Studios, Silicon Valley's largest business television and corporate video production facility, has staff sharing Panorama databases in multiple locations on the SF Peninsula and globally for special projects. According to Raymond Clark, CEO/Producer, "We depend on Panorama Enterprise Server for thousands of transactions a day, by over 60 simultaneous users. It handles booking, scheduling, accounting, inventory, contacts, project management, web publishing, and much more... over a million total records in dozens of custom designed multi-user databases... all working securely, via global remote access, with the power and speed that keeps up with the pace of our mission critical broadcast environment."

One unique feature of the system is that users can disconnect from the network and continue working even when completely offline and detached -- for example when on an airplane or away from network connections. Database changes made while offline are synchronized automatically when returning to the network. No special setup or programming is required -- this synchronization logic is built into the server itself. This feature is especially useful for companies with employees working in the field. According to beta tester Ken Bliss, president of Bliss Industries in Milpitas, CA: "We have built our entire company around Panorama Enterprise. Panorama Enterprise keeps everyone on our team on the same page whether in the front office, sales, engineering, wirelessly in the shop, or remotely in the field."

The Panorama Enterprise Server system is designed to be easy to setup and use, even for novices. "I'm a veterinarian, with no experience or training in programming or databases." says beta tester John Kuttel, of Huntington Beach, CA. "The Panorama Enterprise system made it easy to set up shared databases to keep my five person veterinary practice running smoothly. The databases I've set up handle pet records, billing, reminder cards, vaccine expirations, licenses, and prescriptions (even printing custom labels for medicine bottles). A big plus is that I can modify the databases whenever I want (including graphics) -- no need to wait for a consultant to show up. I also really appreciate that I can access all of the data at home if a late night emergency occurs."

Other key features of Panorama Enterprise Server include WYSIWYG design tools for building HTML/CSS forms, remote configuration, management and debugging tools, support for Google Analytics, and automatic backup of live databases. The software requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later (or Mac OS X Server 10.4 or later). Additional information about Panorama Enterprise Server is available from the ProVUE web site ( The product is available now, pricing ranges from $399 (3 user) to $2499 (unlimited users + web publishing).


BACKGROUND: ProVUE Development Corporation, based in Southern California, has been developing interactive productivity tools for well over two decades. From the beginning, ProVUE products have been known for their innovation and performance. Since 1978 over 100,000 customers have used ProVUE products on the CP/M, Alpha Micro, PC, and Macintosh platforms. ProVUE, a privately held corporation, was one of the first commercial developers of Macintosh software, shipping its first Mac program, OverVUE, in August of 1984. Our primary product is Panorama, which was first introduced on the Macintosh in 1988 and has nearly one hundred thousand users on that platform.

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