ProVUE Releases Panorama Enterprise Server
Fully RAM Based Client/Server Database System

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Huntington Beach, California - March 24, 2009 - ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway. The gateway is a plug-in software package that adds merchant credit card processing to ProVUE’s popular Panorama RAM based database package. With this package, custom Panorama database solutions can automatically process all types of credit card transactions, including charges, refunds, voids, and pre-authorization. Transactions are processed through Authorize.Net, an internet based payment processing network in use by over 230,000 merchants world wide.

According to James Rea, President of ProVUE Development, "The Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway allows credit card payment processing to be added to any Panorama database in minutes with only a few lines of programming. Once the code has been added to the database the entire credit card transaction process is completely automatic. There's no double entry — credit card information is directly pulled from your Panorama databases and transmitted securely to Authorize.Net servers. Results are returned in seconds (often less than a second) and placed directly into your database. When used on a server, the entire process can take place automatically with no operator intervention.”

The Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway is available for either desktop or web server applications. The product requires Panorama 5.5 and a current account with Authorize.Net, and is compatible OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or above (including Leopard). Additional information about Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway is available from the ProVUE web site ( The product is available now, pricing is either $239 for single user desktop use, or $399 for multi-user and/or web server applications.


BACKGROUND: ProVUE Development Corporation, based in Southern California, has been developing interactive productivity tools for well over two decades. From the beginning, ProVUE products have been known for their innovation and performance. Since 1978 over 100,000 customers have used ProVUE products on the CP/M, Alpha Micro, PC, and Macintosh platforms. ProVUE, a privately held corporation, was one of the first commercial developers of Macintosh software, shipping its first Mac program, OverVUE, in August of 1984. Our primary product is Panorama, which was first introduced on the Macintosh in 1988 and has nearly one hundred thousand users on that platform.

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