ProVUE Releases "Appalicious"
Shopping assistant program works as a companion to the Mac App Store

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President, ProVUE Development Corporation



Huntington Beach, California - August 31, 2011 - ProVUE Development announces the release of Appalicious 1.0, a new shopping assistant program that works as a companion to the Mac App Store. Appalicious enhances the software selection process by helping users navigate smoothly and helping them find the best deals among the thousands of apps available the store. When in use, Appalicious loads the entire store catalog into RAM to ensure flexible operation and blazing fast searching, sorting, and overall organization.

James Rea, the president of ProVUE Development, says that "we believe that an informed shopper is a smart shopper, so we designed Appalicious to make it easy and fun to discover the secrets and hidden gems in the Mac App Store. There are dozens and sometimes even hundreds of new apps and deals every day, and Appalicious puts them all right at your fingertips."


* CUSTOMIZABLE SPREADSHEET INTERFACE - Appalicious's spreadsheet like interface can be customized to show any combination of 18 fields, including pricing, discounts, ratings and descriptions.

* POWERFUL SEARCHING AND SORTING - Appalicious allows the user to search and rank apps by any combination of fields, including name, company, price, discount, release date, ratings and description. Favorite search and sort combinations can be saved for later re-use.

* VERSION AND PRICE HISTORY (INCLUDING DISCOUNT TRACKING) - Appalicious keeps track of the version and price history for each app over time, helping the user keep track of which apps are currently discounted and how significant those discounts are.

* VIEW MULTIPLE APPS AT ONCE - Unlike the Mac App Store's single window interface, Appalicious allows users to bring up multiple apps in separate windows, facilitating comparisons between two or more apps.

* RECENTLY VIEWED, WISH LIST AND SEARCHABLE NOTES – Appalicious tracks the users action as he or she navigates the store, allowing the user to retrace their steps at any time. Users can explicitly add any app to their wish list, and can also add their own searchable notes to any app.

* MAC APP STORE COMPANION — Appalicious assists with the software selection process, but it does not replace the Mac App Store for purchasing and downloading apps to the user's Mac. Once a suitable app has been found in Appalicious, a single click opens the corresponding page in the Mac App Store for purchase and download.

Beta testers report that Appalicious dramatically improves their ability to quickly locate apps they need from the Mac App Store. Craig McPherson of Portland Oregon considers Appalicious "an astounding improvement in the usability of the Mac App Store." John Ranelletti of Stockton, California says "This app finder is great! Less than a minute after I launched Appalicious, I found a useful French language learning tool." Gary Yonaites of Elephant Butte, New Mexico says that "My previous ventures in the App Store were usually very brief and unproductive, but with Appalicious, I have been able to find several items that I can use daily and that I never knew were available. Bravo!"

For further information about Appalicious see:

The Appalicious application can be downloaded for free from this URL.

The download includes a free 7 day trial subscription for daily Mac App Store updates.

System Requirements:
- Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (including 10.7)


The Appalicious application is free, but a subscription is required to receive daily App Store updates. The software includes a free 7 day trial subscription, after that subscriptions are $12.95 per year or $19.95 for two years. For a limited time introductory subscriptions are available for $7.95 per year. Use the code "INTRO" to receive this special offer. Subscriptions are purchased from within the app.

Appalicious users can receive subscription credits for referring other users to Appalicious. For each user referred, both the referrer and referree receive a 30 day credit (up to a maximum of two years). For more information about referrals see

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