• Questions about documentation, examples, training and support
  • What documentation and training material is available for Panorama?
    There is a wide variety of documentation and training material available for Panorama, including over 3000 pages of PDF documentation (see Why so many pages?), an on-line programming reference wizard, and over 3 hours of training videos (Quicktime). For Panorama 5.0 and later the PDF documentation and Programming Reference wizard are included in the main Panorama download (they can also be downloaded separately). For Panorama 4 these items must be downloaded separately.

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  • How do I open the PDF documentation?
    If you are using Panorama 5.5 or later you can access the documentation from the Help item in the Panorama menu, or the Help & Documentation wizard (in the Documentation submenu).


    With this wizard open you can use the Reader menu to choose which PDF reader you want to use (Acrobat or Preview on OS X), then double click to open the specific documentation item you want to access (Handbook, Tutorial, Release Notes, etc.).

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  • Why does the documentation have so many pages?
    You may have been surprised and a bit intimidated to learn that Panorama's PDF documentation contains so many pages. Don't worry, there’s really both more and less than meets the eye. The primary reason why there are so many pages is because Panorama's PDF documentation was designed primarily for on-screen use, not for printing. When writing a printed book the author always has the final page count in mind. Each page costs money! So as he or she writes the author is constantly thinking — do I really need a more detailed explanation here? Can I eliminate some or all of these screen shots? Check out the Adobe Photoshop manual — this is a very visual program and yet there is only one small screen shot every few pages. Keeping the number of pages affordable (both for printing and shipping) often becomes more important than clarity or comprehension.

    When we decided to switch to PDF documentation in 1999 we made a conscious decision not to think that way. Extra pages in a PDF file are essentially free, so we took full advantage of this new opportunity. There are literally thousands of screen shots, all full size for maximum clarity. This probably doubles the page count compared to a typical printed manual. We also used an extra large (14 point) font size for maximum readability, which also increases the page count. Every topic is covered in depth, often with more than one approach discussed. We’ve included a 900 page reference and a 200 page tutorial. We think the end result is a better experience for you, the end user.

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  • What is the Programming Reference wizard?
    The latest version of Panorama includes over 1,500 statements and functions that can be used in procedures and formulas. Even for the programmer's here at ProVUE that is a lot to remember and keep track of, so we created the Programmer's Reference wizard to help keep track of it for you. This wizard provides almost instantaneous access to documentation for every statement and function available.

    Panorama Reference Wizard

    If you are using Panorama 5.0 or later you can access this window instantaneously by pressing Control-R (this combination can be changed with the Hotkey wizard).

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  • Are example databases available?
    Yes, over 100 example databases are included in the deluxe download version of Panorama. These examples can be quickly accessed with the Example Launcher wizard in the Demo submenu of the Wizard menu.

    Example Launcher Wizard

    Another good source for example databases is the Panorama QNA e-mail discussion list. Users frequently post databases they have created as examples. You can find out more information about the QNA list on the Support page.

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