Free Panorama Mini-Seminars on YouTube

Many Panorama users have told us that while they love Panorama, they aren't using it to the full extent possible. If that sounds like you, you might be suprised at the additional productivity gains and time savings you can acheive with very little additional effort. On the other hand, many of you also tell us that you don't have time to read manuals, even if you would ultimately save more time in the long run.

To help solve this problem, we're starting a free series of Panorama 5.5 mini seminars on YouTube. In keeping with the YouTube format each seminar will be short and to the point, and will leave you with new Panorama techniques that could just change the way you get business done. These seminars are platform independent, so any Panorama user can benefit whether they are using a PC or a Mac (or both!). Just click on your web browser and watch!

For the best quality, click the HD button before watching each seminar. You’ll probably also want to expand the player to the maximum size, or even to full screen. The illustration below shows where to click on the YouTube page to make these changes.


The first free mini-seminar is about live, interactive, key-by-key searching. If you've used Panorama for a while, I'm sure you are familiar with using the Find/Select dialog to locate data -- you set up your search, then Panorama looks for the data. To revise your search you need to go back to the dialog. In this seminar I'll show you a newer technique that allows you to search interactively, with the search results updating immediately as you type each key. Not only is the search interactive, but you can also save searches for later use, easily search multiple fields, and even search interactively based on custom formula. It's very easy, anyone can learn to do it, and if you click over to YouTube I'll show you how.


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Jim Rea
President, CTO, ProVUE Development

P.S. Our free mini-seminars are just starting. Future planned topics include sending e-mails from a database, setting up hotkeys, using speech synthesis to audit data, automatic zip+4 lookup, and much more. Watch our YouTube channel for announcements of upcoming seminars. (If you've got a suggestion for a mini-seminar you'd like to see, let us know.)