Company History

Founded in 1978, ProVUE has been developing interactive productivity tools for over three decades. From the beginning, ProVUE products have been known for their innovation and performance. Since 1978 over 100,000 customers have used ProVUE products on the CP/M, Alpha Micro, PC, and Macintosh platforms. ProVUE was one of the first commercial developers of Macintosh software, shipping our first Mac program, OverVUE, in August of 1984 (only 8 months after the debut of the original Mac 128).In fact, only one company has been shipping commercial software for the Macintosh longer than ProVUE. (Can you guess who? It's Microsoft, which shipped their original Multiplan spreadsheet only two months after the first Macintosh 128 was released.)


Appalicious is a companion for the Mac App Store that makes it easy and fun to discover cool apps at great prices.


Panorama Sheets combines the full power of a database with the familiar simplicity of a spreadsheet. It’s super fast, easy to use, and suprisingly powerful in an affordable package. Panorama Sheets is available both directly from and from the Mac App Store.


The new Panorama 6 upgrade makes Panorama faster, safer, smoother and easier than ever before. With this release Panorama is now Intel native on Mac OS X and is 100% Snow Leopard compatible (while of course also compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). Panorama 6 includes Total Recall, which protects your valuable data from any kind of power failure or system crash.


With the introduction of Panorama 5.5 for Windows, the PC version has completely caught up with the user interface improvements and new features introduced for the Mac in Panorama V and 5.5.


The introduction of the optional Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway enables any Panorama user to set up custom Panorama database applications that automatically process credit card transactions (including charges, refunds, voids, and preauthorization). All you need to get started is an internet connection and a merchant account with Authorize.Net.


The official release of the Panorama Enterprise Edition Server revolutionizes multi-user database operation. Unlike traditional client/server databases that sequester all of the data on a central server, the Panorama Enterprise system distributes complete copies of shared databases across all clients. Essentially each client caches the entire database for better client performanc as well as lower network and server load. The Panorama Enterprise server acts like a traffic cop, managing record locking and updating clients as necessary.


Panorama 5.5 is released for Macintosh.



Panorama V is the most significant Panorama upgrade in nearly a decade. This exciting new version includes native support for Macintosh OS X and OS 9 operating systems as well as an all new user interface, Live Clairvoyance®, Internet Access, Speech Synthesis, Custom Statements, Custom Functions, Live Menus, improved programming tools, and much more!.


The Panorama iPod Organizer combines the power of Panorama's unique RAM based database technology with the portability and flexibility of the iPod for storing phone numbers, email addresses, flight numbers, appointment times ... all the important information you need to access on the go.


In 2001 Panorama 4 made our revolutionary RAM based database technology available on Windows PC systems for the first time. Panorama databases are 100% compatible between platforms.


At the ProVUE '99 conference we introduced the PanSTAR plug-in for WebSTAR. The PanSTAR plug-in brings Panorama's dynamic power to the web. Major sites that use Panorama include
CNN/SI and the American Society of Media Photographers.


In the fall of 1998 we held our first ProVUE conference for two days in Los Angeles. Over fifty Panorama users attended from all over the world.


In the fall of 1997 ProVUE started a new HTML industrial revolution with the introduction of SiteWarrior. Instead of concentrating on flashy WYSIWYG features for newbies, SiteWarrior is designed to maximize the productivity of HTML experts. SiteWarrior combines database technology with web authoring to turn the craft of web site creation on its head.


In the summer of 1997 ProVUE shipped our first Internet product, SurfScout. SurfScout makes web bookmarks manageable by putting an ultra-fast searchable bookmark database right at your fingertips! SurfScout also imports bookmarks from the web, and imports data tables too!


In 1996 Panorama 3 again brings Panorama to the cutting edge. Panorama 3's revolutionary Partner/Server system redefines the capabilities of client/server database management. SuperObjects allow you to rapidly develop even the most complicated forms with pre-built elements like 3D and user definable buttons, checkboxes, pop-up menus, scrolling lists, matrixes even built in word processing/mail merge. AppleScript support multiplies the power of Panorama and makes it easy to integrate Panorama with other applications. Other exciting features include elastic forms, graphic control strip, automatic duplicate selection, full built-in security, built-in interactive programming debugger, invisible windows, data sheet headers and footers, and much much more.


In 1993 ProVUE introduced Power Team, a complete organizer that combines seven modules into one integrated package: Phone Book, Calendar/To-Do List, Correspondence, Checkbook, Calculator, Expense Report, and Mailing List. All seven modules are designed from the ground up to work together and share data seamlessly. Macworld magazine calls it a "Well thought out, easy to use package" while MacUser says that Power Team "Breaks new ground in the PIM and contact management arena.".
1993 was also the year that Panorama surprised the competition by being voted "Best Database of the Year" by Macworld readers! According to Macworld, "Panorama, with its relatively small but ardent following, bested the giant-Claris FileMaker. Panorama, far less well known than the big players in the database field, earns the respect and allegiance of its users, and received a higher rating than any of its competitors." In 1995, Home Office Computing rated Panorama #1, saying "The most popular program, FileMaker Pro, may be excellent, but Panorama II is even better!"


In 1992 Panorama Direct was introduced as an affordable "run-time" version of Panorama. Panorama Direct can run any database created with a full version of Panorama, making it ideal for distributing pre-built databases either in-house or around the world. A growing number of third-party developers use Panorama Direct to distribute commercial applications developed in Panorama..


In 1991
Panorama 2.0 incorporated over 450 new features, including pop-up data entry window, Smart Dates, view-as-list forms, instant labels and reports, auto-save, and improved programmability. In 1993 version 2.1 added improved color support, QuickTime movies, new printing options, calendars, and lots of new programming features. 1993 also saw the completion of a Japanese version of Panorama which supports all double-byte Japanese characters as well as Japanese menus, alerts, and dialogs.


In 1986 work was begun on an all new database designed specifically for the Macintosh. The result, Panorama, was first released in November 1988. Panorama retained the incredible RAM based speed of OverVUE while adding a full graphical multi-window interface, MacDraw like forms, Flash Art, mail-merge, outlining, crosstabs and lookups. The result? In 1988 MacUser magazine awarded Panorama an "Eddy" award for best new database. Two minor upgrades, 1.1 and 1.5, were both released in 1989.


In August of 1984 ProVUE introduced OverVUE, a RAM based database program for the Macintosh. OverVUE pioneered many of the unique features that later made Panorama unique, including ultra fast sorting, selecting, calculating and import, Clairvoyance, macros, and charts. In 1985 MacUser magazine awarded OverVUE the very first "Eddy" award for best database. In January of 1985 we exhibited at the very first Macworld Expo (in Brooks Hall in San Francisco) and we've been at almost every Macworld Expo ever since.


In 1983 ProVUE introduced DataVUE, our first RAM based database package. Like SuperVUE, this package was written for Alpha Micro minicomputers.


In 1980 ProVUE introduced SuperVUE, a WYSIWIG word processor for Alpha Micro minicomputers. This was one of the first word processors on any machine to include "what you see is what you get" on screen formatting, and quickly became the leading word processor in the Alpha Micro market. A PC version of SuperVUE was released in 1986.


In 1978 ProVUE (then called Micro Concepts) was founded to market PolyVUE, a text editor for the CP/M operating system. The software was distributed by Lifeboat Associates, and one of our customers was a tiny software company in Seattle named Microsoft. That same year we attended our first trade show, the West Coast Computer Faire.