The Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway allows custom Panorama database applications to automatically process credit card transactions (including charges, refunds, voids, and pre-authorization). All you need to get started is an internet connection and a merchant account with Authorize.Net.

Adding credit card processing to your custom Panorama database application only takes a few lines of code. If you're familiar with creating Panorama procedures, the process should only take a few minutes. In fact, once your merchant account is available, the entire process of modifying your application and configuring your Authorize.Net account can be completed in less than an hour. Sample code is included to help you get started with the process.

Hands Free Credit Card Transactions

Once the Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway is set up, the entire credit card transaction process is completely automatic. There's no double entry — credit card information is directly pulled from your Panorama databases and transmitted securely to Authorize.Net servers. Results are returned in seconds (often less than a second) and placed directly into your database. When used on a server, the entire process can take place automatically with no operator intervention.

Single User and Enterprise Options

The Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway is available for use with either single user copies of Panorama (also works with Panorama Direct) or for use with Panorama Enterprise. Licenses can be purchased from the ProVUE on-line store. The Enterprise option allows use of the gateway from all of your clients and/or on the server. (Note: The Enterprise option is required for use with multi-user databases. The single-user version of the gateway will not work on a copy of Panorama that has databases connected to an Enterprise server, even if you are only using the gateway on a single computer.)