Panorama Serial Number Activation Your Panorama software must be activated before all of its features can be used. Unless you have purchased a Personal Use License you can only activate the software on one computer at a time. (To move the software from one computer to another you must de-activate it on the original computer before activating it on the second computer. Every copy of Panorama is assigned a unique serial number. The format of the serial number is a five digit number followed by a period and two or three additional characters, for example: 98765.Xa9. To activate the software you must:
  1. Open Panorama
  2. Open the Registration window
  3. Enter your serial number
Panorama will respond with an Activation Request Code which you should enter below.
Activation Request Code:
Are you trying to activate Panorama 5.0 or later on a computer that is connected to the internet? If so, please close this window, open Panorama, and choose Registration from the Panorama menu. The entire activation process is taken care of within Panorama itself.