When you're working solo, switching from disk to RAM is a huge win. But if you're sharing data with a team, the benefits go even further! Ask yourself one question about whatever database software you're using now...

Why Does Your Current Database Server Use an
Outdated Client/Server Network Model?

When you're working solo, switching from disk to RAM is a huge win. But if you're sharing data with a team, the benefits go even further! Other database programs use a centralized server approach to sharing data, an approach that fails to take advantage of the computing power available on the network. In contrast, the Panorama Enterprise Server system uses a mesh/synchronization approach to spread the load across the network while dramatically slashing the delays usually associated with many common database tasks.

The Enterprise system works like a formation of fighter jets teamed with an aerial tanker. Instead of hoarding all of the data on the central server, the Enterprise system distributes complete, redundant copies of the shared data across the network mesh. Operations that don't involve other clients (searching, sorting, analysis, reports, etc.) are performed independently at lightning speed in each client's local RAM. The server is only involved for coordinating data flow across the mesh, managing record locking and updating clients as necessary. Only changes flow across the mesh, lightening the load on the server and network. Just as fighter jets detach to perform their missions, a Panorama client can even disconnect from the network and continue working even when completely offline and detached — perfect for road warriors. Each user's offline changes are synchronized automatically when returning to the network.

Super Fast RAM Based Server
(with a Disk Based Security Blanket)

The Panorama Enterprise Server is RAM based for blazing speed, but it also keeps a disk based transaction journal for full data recovery after any kind of system interruption (power failure, etc.). The transaction journal is a simple sequential file with minimal impact on performance.

"Here at Transvideo Studios, Silicon Valley's largest business television & corporate video production facility, we depend on Panorama Enterprise Server for thousands of transactions a day, by over 60 simultaneous users. Panorama has enabled us to build the foundation of a flexible, affordable information system just like the big guys... but one that we can re-program ourselves to meet changing and growing needs of our clients. It handles booking, scheduling, accounting, inventory, contacts, project management, web publishing, and much more... over a million total records in dozens of custom designed multi-user databases... all working securely, via global remote access, with the power and speed that keeps up with the pace of our mission critical broadcast environment." - Raymond Clark, CEO/Producer, Transvideo Studios, Mountain View, CA

"Our large office relies completely on Panorama and Panorama Enterprise server, all running on 24 Mac Minis. In the past year we've logged every one of our more than 19,000 patient visits in our electronic health record, and it works great. We also use it for prescriptions, scheduling, billing, immunization records, checking and credit card accounts, and just about everything else we need. It never crashes or freezes and we've never lost any data." - Rickey L. Williams, M.D., M.P.H., President, Tanque Verde Pediatrics, Tucson, Arizona

Ram Based Clients

Every Panorama client keeps a full copy of each open database in RAM for fast searching, sorting, reports, etc. The server only gets involved when data is modified, managing record locking and updating clients as necessary. This increases performance two ways:

  • Sorting, searching, summaries and reports are done locally in the client's RAM. You'll feel like your databases have broken the sound barrier!

  • Network traffic and server load are dramatically reduced. Panorama clients don't access the network at all when browsing, sorting, etc.

"A movie this complex has literally tens of thousands of visual effects details to manage. We created over 30,000 quicktime clips during the course of the 300 production. Everything is on a tight deadline, and we can't afford to drop the ball on even a single detail. Panorama Enterprise allowed us to coordinate the work across the entire team, saving thousands of hours during the post-production process. I can say without reservation that the speed with which Panorama has allowed me to create applications has been a major factor in the success I've had in my profession."  -- Chris Watts, Visual Effects Supervisor "300"

"My business uses two dozen different software applications for various wide-ranging purposes. I can say without a doubt that Panorama and Panorama Enterprise is the best designed and executed software package I have had the pleasure of using. Panorama has become an integral part of my business and is employed for sales lead processing, order processing, shipment tracking, employee work plans, accounting, disbursements, inventory management, advertising planning, and software release tracking. Panorama has enabled us to easily develop forms and scripts that largely automate the many facets of business operations, and share these throughout our operation using Enterprise. I would instantly recommend Panorama to any business for their database needs." - Christopher E. Strangio, President, CAMI Research, Acton, MA

Easy to Setup and Use

Panorama Enterprise Server is powerful, but it's also easy to setup and use. Installation and initial server configuration usually takes less than five minutes, and once set up, the server can easily be monitored and managed from any client on the network. Creating custom Panorama databases is so easy that anyone can and has done it: business owners, teachers, pilots, researchers, musicians, writers, volunteers and many more. Once you've created a database sharing it on the server is super simple — three clicks and you're done!

"I'm a veterinarian, with no experience or training in programming or databases. The Panorama Enterprise system made it easy to set up shared databases to keep my five person veterinary practice running smoothly. The databases I've set up handle pet records, billing, reminder cards, vaccine expirations, licenses, and prescriptions (even printing the labels for medicine bottles). A big plus is that I can modify the databases whenever I want (including graphics) — no need to wait for a consultant to show up. I also really appreciate that I can access all of the data at home if a late night emergency occurs." - John Kuttel, Huntington Harbour Veterinary Clinic, Huntington Beach, CA

Offline Roaming Cuts the Network Tether

Traditional client/server systems are completely inoperable without a network connection. Panorama gives you the option of roaming off-line while still retaining access to your databases for browsing, reports and even modification and updates. In other words, users can view and edit databases even when they don't have a network connection — ideal for road warriors. Offline changes are automatically synchronized with the server when the client re-connects to the network. Because both client and server are RAM based this synchronization is extremely fast. If there are any synchronization conflicts (same record edited both offline and by another user) they can be resolved automatically or manually on a field-by-field basis.

"We have built our entire company around Panorama and Panorama Enterprise. We have over 30 shared databases that smoothly keep everything we do running from A to Z. Panorama Enterprise keeps everyone on our team on the same page whether in the front office, sales, engineering, wirelessly in the shop, or remotely in the field. Our business never stops changing, but Panorama adapts easily to do whatever we need. As needs come up we just start building it and using it — Panorama can be custom programed to do everything I could even imagine a database could do, and at a fraction of the cost of "professional" systems like Oracle. There simply is no better value in software than this system." - Ken Bliss, Bliss Industries, Milpitas, CA

Easy and Powerful Web Database Publishing

Panorama's WYSIWYG form design tools can automatically build HTML/CSS forms for database web access and upload them to the server. Many common web database applications can be built with no programming at all. For fully customized applications, Panorama provides a comprehensive programming language that includes rich text and tag manipulation capabilities. Server side programs are automatically uploaded to the server and a built in simulator/debugger allows developers to debug programs on their development machine before they are uploaded.

"My business lives via dynamic content on the web. Panorama Enterprise has proven to be extremely stable and robust for our use as a web server on several high volume sites. With the ability to have web databases readily interface with local or shared databases it has given us an incredible versatility. It has proven itself a pliable development tool for quickly building simple web apps as well as complex sets of interactive databases. With options to build pages and forms for us and on to the ability to have it custom write javascript on the fly or interface with PHP, there are no limits. Gotta have it!" - James Cook, HindSight Ltd., Saugatuk, MI

When publishing database content on the web the Panorama Enterprise Server works as a back end to the built-in industrial strength Apache server included with OS X and OS X Server. No modifications to the Apache configuration files are required. (You can also use any other UNIX web server that supports Apache style CGI's.)

Easy Access to Web Hosted Data

Panorama Enterprise brings web hosted data right to you desktop. Working with web data couldn't be easier — database changes made on any client (for example price list changes) immediately show up on the web server, while changes made via the web (for example incoming shopping cart orders) automatically show up on client desktops. No extra programming for database maintenance is required - authorized users work with Panorama's intuitive user interface to access and edit web published databases just as if those databases were on their local computers.

Automatic Management of Test vs. Production Web Servers

In a mission critical environment testing must be kept separate from your live production servers, but once testing is complete you'll need to rapidly and accurately "clone" programming changes to the live server. The Panorama Enterprise Server automatically handles all of this for you. You can easily set up cloned database pairs, then automatically transfer programming changes when ready. All testing is done on a safe sandbox server, with data kept completely separate from the production environment. Once revisions are tested and ready to go, Panorama Enterprise Server will take care of transferring the changes for you. This can even be done without taking the live production server off-line — no downtime at all! (Note: This feature requires the purchase of two copies of the Panorama Enterprise Server software.)

Flexible Server Management from Any Location

All Panorama Enterprise Server configuration and managemant can be handled remotely from the anywhere in the world — you never need to physically touch the server. Adding and removing databases, updating program logic and graphics, managing security, changing server options, it's all done with easy to use GUI wizards built into every Panorama client. (Of course only authorized administrators are allowed to perform management functions.) For web applications, Panorama Enterprise Server also supports Google Analytics, making it easy to learn about where your web visitors come from and how they interact with your site.

"As an airline pilot running a small business on the side, I needed rock solid on-line databases that I could monitor and control from anywhere. Panorama Enterprise, a Mac Mini and a DSL Internet connection is my reliable and affordable solution. I can easily upload and change my Panorama databases and procedures when I'm out of town. Panorama Enterprise even e-mails me if there's a problem. I get even more freedom with my Panorama Enterprise and my iPhone — I can log in and run any database procedure I want anywhere in the world. Pretty slick!" - Peter Gurerrini, EZMeets.com, Santa Rosa, CA

When hardware or software problems occur, Panorama Enterprise Server works to make sure that downtime is minimal. To make sure that you're in the loop, the server can automatically send e-mails to notify you about any problems. The server automatically recovers after any kind of system interruption, bringing all databases and sessions right back to where they were. The Panorama Enterprise Server also includes built-in first level backup that automatically backs up "live" databases without shutting down the server. (Databases are backed up to a local drive. We recommend a secondary backup system to make offline copies of the data.)

No Risk Trial — You Be The Judge

We're making some pretty bold claims for Panorama's revolutionary RAM based approach — it will save you money, help you work faster, promote teamwork both in the office and in the field, all while reducing frustration. That all goes double when you're on a tight deadline. But don't take our word for it — download the fully functional extended trial version and see for yourself!

Go ahead, the keys are yours! Build one database or a hundred - there's no limit to the size or sophistication of the applications you can build. Create forms and reports, import data, write programs ... you can even set up a server and share databases on your LAN or even across the web. Everything you need is included — both client and server software, documentation, and dozens of example databases. See for yourself what it feels like to push the RAM based data accelerator pedal all the way to the floor!

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