Panorama Direct is a special low cost version of Panorama that makes it economical to put Panorama databases to work within an organization. If a computer has Panorama Direct installed the user can perform data entry, sort, select and modify data, but database creation, design and programming tools are disabled.

Panorama Direct is ideal for distributing pre-built databases either in-house or around the world. Many companies save money by purchasing full copies of Panorama only for users that actually set up and design databases, while purchasing Panorama Direct for data entry positions. Panorama Direct is fully compatible with the Panorama Enterprise Server (MacOS only) and may be used as a client with other copies of Panorama and/or Panorama Direct. In addition, a growing number of third-party developers use Panorama Direct to distribute commercial applications developed in Panorama. Panorama Direct makes it possible for developers to price their products aggressively while retaining all the benefits of rapid application development with Panorama.

Panorama Direct prices start at under $130 per seat. Additional discounts are available when purchased in economical 3, 6, 12, 25 or 50 packs (multi-packs must be for use in a single organization, and are not for resale).