The Panorama Engine introduces a new way to purchase Panorama's outstanding capabilities. Instead of purchasing unlimited use of Panorama on a single machine, you can now purchase an unlimited "run-time" distribution license for a single database (or collection of databases). Once you have purchased this unlimited distribution license you can distribute as many copies of your database (or collection of databases) as you like, without having to purchase Panorama or Panorama Direct for each machine. The one-time license fee is very reasonable, and for shareware authors, almost zero!

Database "Search Engine" Applications

If your database application doesn't involve modifying, saving or printing the database you can publish your database for free using the Panorama Engine. For example you could create a catalog database and distribute it freely to potential customers along with the Panorama Engine software. Using the forms and procedures you have created these customers will be able to browse and search through the catalog with Panorama's legendary RAM based speed.

The Panorama Engine Licensing Process

For most database applications (where the database is modified, saved and/or printed) you must license your database for royalty-free use with the Panorama Engine. The first step in the licensing process is to create your database or collection of databases. Once this is complete, contact ProVUE by phone or e-mail to purchase your unlimited distribution license. Once the license is purchased, you will be instructed to send your files to:

ProVUE will process your files to add the unlimited distribution license "tag" to each file. This tag enables the database for unlimited royalty-free distribution. The modified files will be e-mailed back to you.

Distributing Your Databases

A database with the unlimited distribution license "tag" can run on any computer with the Panorama Engine installed. The Panorama Engine is simply an ordinary copy of Panorama that has not been activated yet. (Your database will also work with ordinary copies of Panorama.) You can distribute the Panorama Engine yourself, or you can tell your users to download the Panorama Engine from our web page.

Panorama Engine Restrictions

When used with a database with the unlimited distribution tag, the Panorama Engine can perform almost all Panorama operations, including saving and printing. In other words, the Panorama Engine is not a demo - you can build real working applications. There is absolutely no limit to database size (other than the amount of RAM available) or limitations on data entry or saving data. However, there are some operations that are not available when running databases with the Panorama Engine.

  • Cannot create new databases (either with Open dialog or Save As command)
  • Cannot add fields, remove fields, change field attributes, or make any other database structure changes
  • Cannot modify forms or open graphics mode
  • Cannot modify or look at procedures
  • Cannot connect to Enterprise Server (multiuser databases require Panorama or Panorama Direct)
  • Cannot save an "untitled" database
  • Cannot import with Open dialog (can import using a pre-defined procedure)
  • Cannot export with Save as dialog (can export using a pre-defined procedure)
  • Cannot manually change Save As dialog options

If a database does not have the unlimited distribution tag you will not be able to save or print if the software is not activated.

New Database Versions

The unlimited distribution license is for one version of your database only. You are allowed to make minor "bug fix" changes to existing forms and reports (a full copy of Panorama is required to make these changes). However, if you want to create a completely new version of your database with new features (i.e. new fields or new forms or procedures), you will need to re-license the new version of the database for unlimited distribution. Performing any of the following modifications to your database will invalidate the unlimited distribution license.

  • Adding or removing fields
  • Adding or removing forms
  • Adding or removing procedures
  • Adding or removing crosstabs

If you make any of these changes to a database, Panorama automatically invalidates the unlimited distribution tag.

License Fees (Commercial)

For commercial distribution, the license fee depends on the complexity of your database. The base fee is $250 (a database with data sheet only). Additional charges are added as you add forms and procedures.

To calculate the exact charges for any database, use the License Fee Calculator database included with Panorama (use the Favorite Databases Wizard to locate it). Here is an example of an actual license fee calculation. (Note: ProVUE reserves the right to change the license fee schedule at any time.)


The calculation shown above is for a single database. If your application has multiple files, the total charge is the sum of the charges for the individual databases.

License Fees (Shareware/Freeware)

For shareware/freeware distribution, the license fee is a flat $25 per database. To qualify as shareware/freeware your software must meet the following qualifications.

  • You must supply a concise (100 words or less) description of your package.
  • You must supply complete documentation in an on-line format.
  • You must agree to allow ProVUE to distribute your shareware/freeware package and documentation via our web site, bulletin board, CD-ROM's or any other method we find appropriate.

Panorama Engine vs. Panorama Direct

Panorama developers now have two ways to deploy a Panorama database: Panorama Direct or the Panorama Engine. How do you decide which to use for your project?

If you are planning to distribute your database to hundreds (or thousands) of users, then the unlimited distribution license with the Panorama Engine is the way to go. The Panorama Engine makes it possible to create low cost mass-market applications using Panorama technology.

If you are planning to distribute your database to a small group of users, Panorama Direct is a better approach. Panorama Direct is also more appropriate if you plan to change the design of your database frequently, or if your application requires features not included in the Panorama Engine (multi-user, graphics mode, etc.).