Panorama is a powerful tool for storing, organizing and analyzing information. Since 1988 Panorama has been in use all over the world for everything from custom accounting to medical research, from church
directories to college track meets. Panorama's unique RAM based technology makes it the fastest and most flexible database available.

When writing Panorama, ProVUE engineers decided to rethink the fundamental disk based database technology that had been in use since the 1960's. Other database programs like FileMaker™ and Microsoft Access™ rely on your computer's relatively slow hard drive instead of the nanosecond access time RAM chips on your motherboard. That means these programs can't take full advantage of the tremendous increases in processor speed and RAM capacity over the past decade. (See Panorama vs. FileMaker.)

Panorama uses a completely different RAM based approach. The slow hard drive is used only for saving. All searching, sorting and data manipulation is done directly in the computer’s high speed RAM. The result is pure blazing speed -- you'll think your data has broken the sound barrier! Even better, Panorama's highly efficient storage algorithims can pack over 100,000 records in less than 10 megabytes, so there's no reason not to turbocharge all of your databases today!

Take a Guided Panorama Tour

We know that to appreciate Panorama you need to get behind the wheel (or even under the hood) and seriously tweak some real data. Take our free test drive for a spin and see for yourself what it feels like to push the RAM based data accelerator pedal all the way to the floor! But we're also software users ourselves, and we know that even installing and evaluating demo software is a major commitment in time and energy, both of which are always in short supply. So sit back and let us do the driving today! Simply click the screencast link and we'll take you on a personal guided tour of Panorama and the Panorama Enterprise Server. For more videos, visit the ProVUE on YouTube channel.


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Key Panorama features at a glance.

  • RAM based for super fast searching, sorting and data manipulation.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • High speed import/export of text, HTML, QIF, QFX OFX and Excel files.
  • Built-in connectivity.
  • Powerful data analysis tools (including live data outlines, crosstabs, charts, and statistics).
  • Super fast bulk data modification.
  • Fully relational links between databases.
  • Specialized graphics tools for on screen forms & printed reports.
  • Fully programmable, including a powerful programming language, a complete suite of development tools and access to AppleScript, UNIX shell scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python and PHP.
  • Seamless cross platform operation lets you develop and deploy on both PC and Mac systems.
  • Built-in security.

Super fast searching and sorting. (click each bar to expand topics)

Panorama’s RAM based speed makes searching and sorting faster and more flexible than ever before. Searching is not limited to full word or “begins with” matches — you can search for data that contains a word or phrase or even perform formula based searches (for example “find all names longer than 12 characters” or “find all invoices where shipping is more than 10% of the order total.” Searches can also be expanded to multiple fields or even all fields in a database. The Live Clairvoyance feature allows you to perform “live” searches on any Panorama database. The search results are updated dynamically as you type, allowing you to “hone in” on just the information you are looking for.

LiveClairvoyance Click image to see full size

Panorama’s “sounds like” option even allows you to search for data phonetically. For example a search for “sounds like Alan” will turn up anyone named Alan, Allan, or Allen.

See sorting and searching in action


See live clairvoyance in action watchdemo

Easy to learn and use.

Intuitive and powerful user interface: Don't take our word for it ... "interfaces, features, and performance blow FileMaker Pro out of the water" says MacWorld "easy things are easy and hard things are not that hard" says TidBITs.

New Database Wizard: Includes two dozen ready-to-use templates for mailing lists, invoices, financial databases and more, or create database from text file.

Data Sheet: Get started right away with Panorama's easy “spreadsheet” like database view. You can start entering (or importing) data in seconds, and the data sheet's "wide angle" view helps you keep the big picture in focus.

Data Sheet Click image to see full size

(Almost) Painless Data Entry: Powerful features like Clairvoyance® (auto-complete - we invented this in 1984 and it still isn't available in any competing database product), Smart Dates (understands dates like may 4, yesterday or last tuesday), automatic capitalization and duplicate checking make keyboard data entry fast and accurate. Panorama can even use speech synthesis to read back your input to verify accuracy (Mac OS only).

Undo & Revert to Saved: Panorama databases aren't just easy to change, they are easy to un-change! Go ahead and experiment with confidence — slice up your data, change graphics, even make major database structural changes. If it doesn't work out just step back and try another approach.

Auto-Save: Keep your work safe and secure — let Panorama automatically save for you at specified intervals. Or save manually for complete control. Either way Panorama saves your work to disk almost instantaneously.

Comprehensive Documentation: Whether you're a newbie or a pro Panorama's documentation will guide you every step of the way. Unlike most printed documentation our PDF files have thousands of full size screen shots and comprehensive cross references.

welcometopanorama_cover panorama_essentials_cover panoramatutorial_cover panoramahandbook_cover wizardsdemos_cover releasenotes_cover reference_cover

High speed import/export of text, HTML, QIF, QFX OFX and Excel files.

Tab & CSV Text Files: Panorama features extremely fast import and export of industry standard ASCII text files in both tab and comma delimited (CSV) formats. Fields can be re-arranged as the data is imported or exported. Data can be imported into a new or existing database.

HTML Tables: Panorama can export database information as an HTML table, and can also import HTML tables into a new or existing database.

Excel Spreadsheets: Panorama's Excel wizard (MacOS only) can directly exchange data between Panorama and Excel, with no text file required as an intermediary. The wizard can directly transfer the current Excel selection into a new database or an existing database, or it can directly transfer current the Panorama selection into the currently selected cells in an Excel worksheet.

Excel Import/Export Wizard

See the Excel wizard in action


VCards: Exchange contact information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) with other VCard compatible applications (Apple's Address Book, etc.)

VCard Wizard

See the VCard wizard in action


Financial Data: Panorama's Financial Data wizard makes it easy to import data from your Quicken files and from your bank or other financial institutions. This wizard supports the three most popular financial data formats: QIF (Quicken Interchange Format), OFX (Open Financial eXchange) and QFX (Quicken variation of OFX).

Importing Financial Data

See the Financial Data wizard in action


Built-in connectivity.

Phone Dialing: Database full of phone numbers? Panorama can automatically dial for you — saving time and ensuring accuracy. Options include DTMF tones, modem, bluetooth, Vonage, Skype, Gizmo, Asterisk and more (some options require third party software).

Maps: Add interactive maps (US addresses only) to any database with a single line of code. Maps are zoomable and resizeable, and you can open multiple map windows simultaneously .

Interactive Maps Click images to see full size

White Pages: Look up addresses and phone numbers and automatically add them to your database. This feature can be built into your database or use our pre-built wizard.

Dragging VCard from White Pages

Address Verification: Check US addresses, add Zip+4 and other geographical information via the official US Post Office web site. This feature can be built into your database or use our pre-built wizard.

Drag VCard to Address Info Wizard Corrected Address

FedEx Tracking: Track progress of FedEx shipments via Panorama's pre-built wizard (or add to your database with a few lines of code).

FedEx Tracking Wizard

Automatic Email: Panorama can send e-mail to individual or bulk recipients. You can program e-mail transmission into your own database (for example setting up an invoice database to automatically e-mail a copy of each invoice) or use the Bulk Email wizard. The wizard makes it easy to send and keep track of bulk emails, keeping previous e-mails you've sent organized, and automatically extracting e-mail addresses from one or more other databases.

Powerful data analysis tools (including data outlines, crosstabs, charts, and statistics).

Data Outlines (with Live Summaries): Panorama’s data outlining feature is a powerful tool for analyzing financial data, and unlike other database programs is totally interactive. You can hide and reveal different levels of subtotals, identify problems or opportunities and then zoom in on specific details, and can even perform further operations or calculations on subtotals as if they were data.

Raw Data Summary Records with Subtotals Collapsing the Data Outline (summaries only) Expanding Individual Summaries

Crosstabs: Now you can quickly and automatically convert raw data into a tabular summary (for instance turning raw checkbook data into a monthly budget). Crosstabs are one of the most powerful tools yet for analyzing financial data.


Charts: Panorama's built in charts (bar, line, area, pie, and scatter) can visually reveal trends and relationships that
are often hidden in a conventional report.

Bar Chart Line Chart Pie Chart Scatter Chart

Statistics Wizard: Panorama's Mini Statistics wizard can calculate the mean (average), median, and standard deviation of a data set. In addition the wizard can plot a normalized chart showing how the data is distributed around the mean. You can easily see how this distribution compares with the standard gaussian distribution (the famous bell shaped curve). Here is an example of an analysis performed by this wizard.

Statistics Wizard

Super fast bulk data modification.

Unlike most databases Panorama isn't limited to modifying one record at a time. Panorama's RAM-based index free database technology makes possible bulk modification of tens of thousands of record per second. Your data and data structure is no longer carved in stone — morph it as needed to meet changing database needs.

Find and replace: Locate and replace a word or phrase anywhere in a field. Nearly instantaneous even with tens of thousands of records.

Formula Based Transformations: Panorama includes a full suite of functions and operators for manipulating text. These functions can be used to automatically modify a single cell or an entire database of information — all in seconds. Typical applications include:

  • Joining multiple fields into a single field
  • Splitting a field into multiple fields (for example Name into FIrst and Last names)
  • Convert text to upper case, lower case, or first letter capitalized
  • Extracting data from a field (for example street name from addresses)
  • Unit conversions (miles into kilometers, gallons into liters, etc.)
  • Normalizing and denormalizing data

Remove duplicates: Panorama can automatically locate and remove duplicate information, or you can review the duplicates for manual conflict resolution.

Fully relational links between databases.

One to One: Panorama supports one-to-one links for applications like linking invoices to customers (one customer per invoice), invoice items to inventory (one product per line) etc.

Range-to-One: Panorama supports range-to-one links for looking up shipping rates, tax rates, and other applications where each entry in a table corresponds to a range of value.

One-to-Many: Panorama supports one-to-many links for applications like looking up previous invoices to a customer (many invoices per customer), checks written to a vendor (many checks per vendor), etc.

Relational Click image to see full size

Specialized graphic tools for on-screen forms & printed reports.

Complete Layout Tools: Panorama has all the tools you need for precision graphics and layout. Customize your forms with standard or custom pushbuttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, pop-up menus and lists.

Form Editor Order Form Report Template
Click images to see full size

Elastic Forms: One size fits all? Not with Panorama — elastic forms adjust automatically as the window size changes. Traditional fixed sized forms can be made elastic in seconds. You can even create elastic images that resize intelligently for borders, variable sized buttons and more.

Elastic Form

Matrix Grid Objects: Panorama includes a special matrix grid tool for creating custom matrixes like calendars, photo thumbnails, invoice line items and more. Simply create a template for each cell and specify the dimensions of the grid and Panorama does the rest!

Calendar Form (includes 5 matrix grids) Photo Matrix

Word Processor: Panorama includes a built in word processor so that you can create and edit fully formatted and styled text within your database. Make your own form letters with built-in mail-merge for print or e-mail. Perfect for organizing correspondence, catalogs, and much more.

Word Processor in Database

Multimedia: Include images, movies and sound in your layouts. Images can be added simply by dragging from the Finder to a database (Mac OS X only).

Powerful Printing Tools: Need to print labels? Panorama includes templates for 26 Avery™ labels, or you can create your own. Panorama's report tools give you full control over report appearance including data, summaries, headers and footers, even widow and orphan control. Reports can include multiple pages per record (for multi-page tax forms, invoices, etc.), or you can set up variable height records that adjust automatically for height of text and/or images in each record. Panorama can control what printer reports are sent to and can even automatically generate PDF files (Mac OS X only).

Fully programmable (including AppleScript, Shell Scripts, Perl, Ruby, Python & PHP).

"Watch me" Recorder: Let Panorama write the code for you — the built-in recorder automatically watches your actions and records them for later playback. (Recorded programs can be edited later.)

Recording a Procedure
Click images to see full size

Program Editor: Text based editor Includes multiple windows, undo, automatic indenting, search/replace, bookmarks and a searchable language reference.

Procedure Editor

Debugging Tools: You don't want to spend any more fixing bugs than you have to, so Panorama comes with a full suite of debugging tools including breakpoints, single stepping, debug trace log and error reporting wizard. Panorama also has a cross-reference tools to help you keep a handle on large programming projects.

Flexible Triggering: Programs can be configured to run based on almost any type of event, including clicking on menus, clicking on buttons, any keystroke combination, database open/close, at specified intervals and more.

Customizable User Interface: Panorama lets you control almost every aspect of the UI, including full control over the menu bar, window appearance, custom dialogs and alerts. On Mac OS X Panorama also supports Growl for for transparent, non-modal notifications.

Extensible Language: If one of Panorama's 1500+ statements and functions doesn't do the job for you then write your own! Your custom statements and functions can be used in any database and work exactly like Panorama's built in statements and functions.

Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Shell Script and AppleScript: Panorama's language is powerful, but it is only one of many galaxies in the programming universe. Panorama 5.5 allows programmers to embed six different languages directly into a Panorama program. Panorama's support for embedded languages is more than skin deep. Data can be be passed back and forth between Panorama and the embedded code, and Panorama integrates with external tools to help you debug your embedded code.

Panorama Program with Embedded Ruby Code

applescript_bookunix_bookperl_book ruby_bookpython_bookphp_book

Learn from Tons of Source Code: Experienced programmers know that studying source code is one of the best ways to learn, so Panorama comes with thousands of lines of code you can examine and experiment with. There's also a vibrant on-line community that programmers can participate in.

Built in security.

256 Access Levels: Panorama lets you define up access levels from 0 (minimum) to 255 (administrator). Access levels can be used to limit access to specific operations, commands and groups of commands. For example, you can set up a database so that only users with access levels above 100 can print the database, or so that only users with access levels above 150 can create a form.

Preferences for Setting Up Users, Groups & Passwords Click images to see full size

Restricted Data Access: The ability to see or change data can be restricted on a field-by-field basis.

Restricted Data Access

Security Groups: A user can belong to one or more security groups and have different privileges when accessing databases in different groups. For example, authorized employees in the personnel department need high access levels when they are using the employee database, but low access levels when they are using the general accounting database. Accounting clerks, on the other hand, need the reverse: high access levels for the accounting database but a low levels for the employee database.

Security Groups

New! Automatically Process Credit Card Transactions via Authorize.Net

With the optional Panorama Authorize.Net Gateway you can easily set up Panorama database applications that automatically process credit card transactions (including charges, refunds, voids, and preauthorization). All you need to get started is an internet connection and a merchant account with Authorize.Net. Click the link above to learn more.

Take a FREE Panorama Test Drive!


We know that to really appreciate Panorama you need to get behind the wheel (or even under the hood) and seriously tweak some real data. Take our free test drive for a spin and see for yourself what it feels like to push the RAM based data accelerator pedal all the way to the floor!

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