The Panorama 6 upgrade is faster, safer, smoother and easier than ever before. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself. Check out this short video to see highlights of Panorama 6 in action, then download Panorama 6 and try it for yourself!
Unlike some previous Panorama upgrades that included dozens of features for "propeller head" programming geeks, Panorama 6 is intended as the "upgrade for the rest of us." Rather than adding powerful new features or specialized functions, the design goal of Panorama 6 was to make overall operation simpler, faster and more foolproof. You'll find that Panorama 6 is easier to learn, easier to use, and that you can easily grapple and benefit from more of Panorama's power than you ever could before.
  • Mac OS X Intel Native, compatible with Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion — Panorama 6 is 100% native on Intel Macintosh systems (and also runs great on PowerPC systems with OS X 10.4 or 10.5). On Intel based systems it consistently runs five times faster than previous versions of Panorama, and launches ten times faster (just one bounce in the dock). Because Panorama no longer uses Rosetta, it is more stable and uses less memory.
  • Live Preview — When setting up a search, analysis or data manipulation, Panorama 6 instantly previews the results as you type and click. The preview updates in real time, so you can quickly and easily see how different options interact with your actual data. You'll see in advance exactly what's about to happen to your data, so there are never any unpleasant suprises after you press the Apply button.
  • Crash Proof — The new Total Recall feature protects your vital data from power failures and system crashes. When Panorama is relaunched after a crash, everything goes right back to where it was. All databases, windows and variables are restored to where you left off, so you can get right back to work as if nothing had ever happened. If anything goes wrong, we’ve got you covered - the most you can lose is a few seconds of work.
  • Goof Proof — To help protect you from yourself, the new Time Lapse feature keeps snapshots of database history over time. If you make a mistake or a wrong turn, Time Lapse allows you to "roll back" the database to a previous snapshot from minutes, hours, days or weeks ago. You can even compare different snapshots of a database to see how it has changed over hours, days, weeks or months. (Time Lapse is similar to Apple's Time Machine feature, but is fully integrated with the database and keeps snapshots based on database activity, rather than at fixed intervals.)
  • New Data Sheet Goodies — We've made the data sheet easier, prettier, and more powerful than ever before. Fields can now be re-arranged simply by dragging them into place. Fields that you don't currently need can be temporarily hidden, allowing you to concentrate on the relevant fields without distraction (and also eliminating the need to create custom forms for many simple reports). You can now right click on any data cell or column header for quick access to common operations via a pop-up menu, and when working with summary outlines you can expand or collapse the outline with a quick right click. Data sheet jaggy text has been eliminated, and you now have the option to customize the background color of the data sheet.
  • New Search Dialog — Panorama 6 includes an all new streamlined search dialog that replaces the original funky dialog that hadn't changed since 1988. The new dialog can easily search all fields in a database or any combination of specific fields. The new dialog has dozens of handy new search options like is between (for example is between 50 and 70 or is between June 1 and June 18), is empty, value within 10%, is all upper case and many more. Multiple searches can be combined for very specific results, and for advanced searching boolean formulas can be included (for example Debit > Credit * 2.5). Your favorite searches can be stored for later use, and of course for any search option, the results are live previewed in real time as you type. (Bonus: Right clicking on any data sheet cell pops up a new menu with options for quickly showing data similar to the current cell, for example same name, same amount, same month, etc..)
  • Simplified Data Manipulation, Calculation & Analysis — Over the years, quite a few users have told us that they love Panorama, but that they couldn't get full use out of it because many of the most powerful tools were just too complicated to figure out. Not any more! Panorama 6's data manipulation tools have an all new graphical interface designed for regular users, not just "propeller head" geeks. Instead of requiring you to type in complex formulas, the new interface allows you to control powerful operations with simple pop-up menus and "fill-in-the-blank" options. Manipulations are previewed in real time as you click and type, so you can easily experiment until you get it just right. Typical examples include swapping first and last names, extracting area codes, removing extraneous punctuation, shifting all or part of a field to upper or lower case, or splitting combined addresses into separate city, state and zip fields. Multiple operations can be chained together for complex transformations, and transformation rules can be saved for later re-use.
  • Simplified Import & Export — Panorama's import and export wizards have been given a complete makeover to make them more logical and easier to use. Like many other Panorama 6 features, these wizards now have real time live preview to immediately show you the effect of changing options. Panorama now allows data to be imported directly from spreadsheet software (Numbers or Excel) or the clipboard, and new databases can be created directly from imported data by dragging the data onto the New Database Wizard. Data can also be exported data directly to Excel, Word, Numbers, Pages, the clipboard or to any folder.
  • Preferences — Panorama's new Preferences window allows you to customize menu organization, data sheet appearance, default search options and much more.
  • Improved Programming Tools —Panorama's procedure editor has two big improvements. The Programming Assistant dialog will help you type in any statement, function, field, variable or other programming element. You only need to type in the first few characters and the assistant will fill in the rest, as well as remind you of any needed options or parameters. The second new feature is the Programming Context menu. Simply right click to activate a special menu that is chock full of programming goodies, including context sensitive help, navigation to pre-marked spots in the code, and easy insertion of field, form and procedure names. Panorama 6 also includes 57 new statments and functions.
  • More Makeovers — In addition to the improvements listed above, we've updated the look and operation of numerous Panorama features. Many menus and dialogs have been re-arranged to make them more logical and easier to learn (you can also switch back to the "classic" version if you want to stick with the familiar Panorma 3-4-5 style), The New Database wizard has been simplified and restructured. The Field Properties dialog has been restyled and expanded to include many options that in previous versions could only be accessed via the design sheet. In general you'll find that Panorama 6 operation is smoother, more logical, and a pleasure to use.
Panorama 6 is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. Whether you are currently using Panorama 3, 4, 5 or 5.5, Panorama 6 is 100% compatible with your existing database files. You'll be able to jump right in to using Panorama 6 without any hassles converting or modifying your files. You can even exchange database files saved with Panorama 6 with users of earlier versions of Panorama (back to Panorama 3).

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