• General Questions
  • My question isn't answered on this page, where else can I find answers?
    There are several other FAQ pages on this site with information about Panorama Sheets:

    Install/Activate FAQ
    Panorama Troubleshooting FAQ
    Purchasing Panorama FAQ

    You can search for answers (or submit your own questions) on the Panorama QNA discussion forum:

    Panorama QNA Discussion Forum

    You can submit questions to ProVUE's technical staff using this form:

    Tech Support Request Form

    You can submit questions to ProVUE's customer support staff (questions about orders, serial numbers, etc.) using this form:

    Customer Service Form

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  • What are the operating system requirements for running Panorama Sheets?
    There are two versions of Panorama Sheets for OS X. The version available from Apple's Mac App Store requires an Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.6.6 or later. The version available directly from this website will run either Intel or PowerPC machines with OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 or later.

    On PC systems Panorama Sheets requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later.

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  • Why is Panorama Sheets RAM based instead of disk based?
    The fundamental, overriding difference between Panorama and all other database programs is that Panorama is RAM instead of disk based. When you open a Panorama database the entire database, including all of the data, is loaded from the disk into the computer's RAM. From then on Panorama doesn't use the disk at all (until you use the Save command). All searching, sorting, editing, and everything else occurs directly in your computer's high speed RAM.

    Other database programs are disk based. Every time you edit a field, sort, search, or perform any other operation it must access the disk. Unlike RAM, the disk is a mechanical device with parts that actually move each time you access the disk. This makes disk access thousands of times slower than RAM access.

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  • How much data can fit in RAM?
    Panorama Sheets uses your computer's RAM very efficiently — typically about 5,000 records per megabyte. Panorama Sheets can handle databases up to 20 megabytes (about 100,000 records). If you outgrow this you can upgrade to a full copy of Panorama which can handle databases over a gigabyte (millions of records). Note: Typically a Panorama database is about the same size as an ASCII text file containing the same data.

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  • Does Panorama Sheets include documentation?
    Yes, Panorama Sheets includes extensive documentation in the app. You can also separately download the PDF user manual.

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  • Can Panorama Sheets print Mailing Labels?
    Yes, the Print Labels dialog allows labels to be printed using Avery 5160, 5162, 5163, or 5164 labels (or compatible labels from other manufacturers).

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  • How can I meet other Panorama users?
    The Panorama QNA (questions and answers) list is an e-mail based community discussion forum. It's a great place to share ideas and find solutions to problems. Much of the discussion on this list revolves around programming tips and techniques, and members of our list are very generous with newcomers. Come and join the discussion! See the QNA Email Forum page to subscribe or unsubscribe from this list.

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  • Purchases & Trial Version
  • What are the capabilities and limitations of the Panorama Sheets demo?
    The Panorama Sheets trial version is fully functional for a limited trial period (normally 15 days unless you have a special coupon). During this trial period the software is fully functional — you can create new databases of any size, analyze, manipulate data, print — anything that can be done with the regular version of Panorama Sheets. This allows you to fully evaluate Panorama Sheets before making your purchase.

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  • Should I purchase Panorama Sheets from the Mac App store or directly from ProVUE?
    You'll be pleased with Panorama Sheets either way, but there are minor advantages of each purchasing option.

    Mac App Store

    • Easy one click purchase and installation
    • Minor updates installed automatically through App store


    • Faster access to minor updates & bug fixes (no wait for Apple review)
    • Runs on 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 (both Intel & PowerPC)
    • No iTunes account required
    • Upgrade pricing for major new versions and upgrading to full copy of Panorama
    • More revenue directed to future Panorama Sheets development


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  • Can Panorama Sheets be upgraded to a full copy of Panorama?
    If Panorama Sheets was originally purchased directly from ProVUE, it can be upgraded at a reduced price to a full copy of Panorama by entering your serial number here:

    Panorama Upgrade

    If Panorama Sheets was originally purchased from Apples Mac App Store upgrades are not currently available, but you can purchase a
    new copy of Panorama, allowing you to use all of Panorama's features with the databases you created with your copy of Panorama Sheets.

    Buy Panorama

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  • Panorama vs. Panorama Sheets
  • What is the difference between Panorama and Panorama Sheets?
    Panorama Sheets is a member of the Panorama family of RAM based database products. Panorama Sheets includes all of features of the Panorama Data Sheet view (except for the Action menu), including:

    • Fast searching, sorting, data manipulation and data analysis
    • Flexible database structure (insert/delete/merge/split/hide/show/rearrange fields)
    • Clairvoyance, Smart Dates, Auto-Capitalization and other data entry assistants
    • Powerful import/export options
    • Relational
    • Crash Proof and Goof Proof (Total Recall and Time Lapse)

    Panorama Sheets does not include any support for the design sheet, forms, crosstabs or procedures (programming). Other minor differences include: 1) Panorama Sheets is limited to 20 Mb of memory (Panorama supports 1.2 Gb), 2) no view menu, 3) no tool palette (left side of window), 4) streamlined menus, 5) standard Help menu, 6) no wizards, 7) no file sets.

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  • Are databases compatible between Panorama and Panorama Sheets?
    Yes. All members of the Panorama family use the same file data format, so it's easy to start with Panorama Sheets and then later upgrade to a full copy of Panorama, or to share databases between colleagues that have both programs. Note: If a database saved with a full copy of Panorama includes forms, procedures or crosstabs, these components will not be accessible within Panorama Sheets. Panorama Sheets will not open databases that were not saved with a visible data sheet window.

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  • Can Panorama and Panorama Sheets both be installed simultaneously?
    Yes. You might want to do this if you've purchased Panorama Sheets but now want to try out a full copy of Panorama. If you decide to purchase Panorama, however, you'll probably want to remove Panorama Sheets from your system so that it doesn't get launched accidentally when you run a database.

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  • Working with other software (import/export)
  • Can Panorama Sheets import data from my existing databases and spreadsheets (FileMaker, Excel, etc.)?
    Panorama Sheets can easily import tab and comma delimited (CSV) text files. Consult the documentation for your database or spreadsheet to learn how to export your data in these universal formats. Panorama Sheets can also directly import from Excel or Numbers spreadsheets. On the Mac you can import simply by dragging a spreadsheet selection to the data sheet or the Import Wizard, on Windows systems this must be done thru the clipboard.

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  • Can Panorama Sheets export data to other database or spreadsheet software?
    Panorama Sheets can easily export tab and comma delimited (CSV) text files. Consult the documentation for your database or spreadsheet to learn how to import data in these universal formats. Panorama Sheets can also export directly to Excel or Numbers. To do this open the Export wizard and set up the export options. Then drag from the wizard to the spreadsheet (Mac) or transfer the data via the clipboard (Mac or Windows).

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  • Advanced Questions
  • Is Panorama Sheets relational?
    Yes. Panorama supports one-to-one and one-to-many relationships, and also supports “equal or lesser” relationships for looking up data in rate tables (for example tax or shipping rates).

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  • Can I create custom layouts (forms & reports) with Panorama Sheets?
    No. If you find you need custom layouts or graphics you can upgrade to the full version of Panorama.

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  • Is Panorama Sheets programmable?
    No. If you find you need programmability you can upgrade to the full version of Panorama.

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  • Can multiple users access a database across a network?
    Panorama Sheets only allows single user database access. If you want multiple users to be able to access a database simultaneously you'll need to use Panorama or Panorama Direct with the Panorama Enterprise Server.

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