The booleanvalue( function converts a numeric or text value to Boolean (true/false).


This function has one parameter:

value – is the value to convert to Boolean.


This function converts a numeric or text value to Boolean (true/false). If a text value is presented, true, yes or on are converted to true, anything else is false. The values true and yes may be abbreviated with the letters t or y. If a numeric value is presented, it will be regarded as true if non-zero, or false for zero.

booleanvalue("yes") ☞ TRUE
booleanvalue("NO") ☞ FALSE
booleanvalue("ON") ☞ TRUE
booleanvalue("off") ☞ FALSE
booleanvalue("T") ☞ TRUE
booleanvalue("F") ☞ FALSE
booleanvalue(34) ☞ TRUE
booleanvalue(0) ☞ FALSE
booleanvalue(true()) ☞ TRUE
booleanvalue(false()) ☞ FALSE

This function is particularly handy for evaluating Boolean parameters of subroutines, custom statements and custom functions. It is based on the same logic used by Panorama’s built-in statements and functions.

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