The folderpath( function converts a Folder ID into the HFS path of that folder.


This function has one parameter:

folderid – Folder ID for the specified folder. See Files and Folders to learn more about Folder IDs.


The folderpath( function takes a Folder ID (see Files and Folders) and converts it to the HFS path to that folder. Folder ID are created by the folder(, dbinfo( and some info( functions, and the openfiledialog and savefiledialog statements. The folderpath( function is included in Panorama for compatibility with older databases that are designed to work with HFS file paths, this function should generally be avoided in new databases.

This example uses the folderpath( function to help determine the name of the disk that contains the Panorama application.

local appdisk
appdisk = array(folderpath(info("panoramafolder")),1,":")

This example takes advantage of the fact that the first component of an HFS path is always the drive name (see Files and Folders).

Note: In earlier versions of Panorama this function was called the pathstr( function, and code that uses that earlier name will still work.


10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but Folder IDs are now paths instead of opaque binary values.