The hex( function converts a text item containing a hexadecimal number into a standard number (decimal).


This function has one parameter:

value – is a text item that contains the hexadecimal number you want to convert.


Converts text with hexadecimal characters into a number.

hex("0C2") ☞ 194
hex("100") ☞ 256

If more than 16 hexadecimal digits are supplied, the result will be a binary data value.

hex("4142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e") ☞ ABCDEFGHIJKLMN

Note: If you want to convert hexadecimal digits to binary, a better method is probably to use the hextobinary( function. The hextobinary( function always produces a binary value, even if only one digit is supplied.

Note: This function is equivalent to:


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10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now supports 64 bit values. If there are more than 16 digits hex supplied, the result will be a binary data value. Previous versions of Panorama would return binary data in a text value if there were more than 8 digits supplied.