The htmltablecellraw( function extracts the data from a cell in an HTML table (including tags, if any).


This function has three parameters:

table – text of the HTML table. If this parameter contains the body of an HTML table, the table must contain <tr> and <td> tags (however, the actual <table> and </table> tags themselves are not required).

row – row number within HTML table. Rows are numbered starting from 1.

column – column number within HTML table. Columns are numbered starting from 1.


This function extracts the data from a cell in an HTML table. Suppose you set up a variable with an HTML table, like this:

local htable
htable = 
    "<tr><td><font size=-1>Alaska</font></td><td>AK</td></tr>
    <tr><td><font size=-1>Arizona</font></td><td>AR</td></tr>
    <tr><td><font size=-1>Wyoming</font></td><td>WY</td></tr>"

Once this variable is set up, you can extract different table elements using the htmltablecellraw( function.

htmltablecellraw(htable,2,1) ☞ <font size=-1>Arizona</font>
htmltablecellraw(htable,3,2) ☞ <font size=-1>WY</font>

This function extracts the raw text in the HTML table cell, including any HTML tags. If you want just the text, with the tags removed, use the htmltablecell( function.

htmltablecell(htable,2,1) ☞ Arizona
htmltablecell(htable,3,2) ☞ WY

Note: This function is equivalent to:


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