The ignore( function ignores all but the first parameter, which is passed through.


This function has two required parameters:

value – The value to be passed through.

ignore – The value to be ignored.

– The function may have additional ignored parameters, you can add as many pairs as you need.


This function passes through the first parameter, but ignores all the rest (no matter how many there are). Why would you want to ignore parameters? The most common reason is that you want to make an assignment but don’t want to include that assignment when calculating the rest of the formula. In that situation the first parameter is usually “” (if working with text) or 0 (if working with numbers).

This example assumes that there is a Name field or variable that contains the name Bob.

ignore("",assignglobal(Name[1,1],"Initial"))+upper(Name) ☞ BOB

This formula will store the value B into the global variable Initial, while returning the value BOB as the formula result.

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