The soundinfo( function returns a dictionary that contains all of the properties of a sound.


This function has one parameter:

identifier – identifier of the sound (must have been set up with the PlaySound statement).


This function returns a dictionary that contains all of the properties of the specified sound. You can then use these functions to extract the property values:

These are the properties returned by this function:

Identifier – the identifier of the sound. (This is a bit redundant since you already had to specify the identifier to get these results.)

Code – the code that will be run when the sound is finished (if any).

Paused – true/false (boolean) flag indicating whether playback is currently paused.

Looping – true/false (boolean) flag indicating whether the sound will loop over and over again.

Duration – normal duration of the sound, in seconds (floating point value).

Position – current playback position, in seconds (floating point value).

Volume – volume of the sound, from 0 (muted) to 1 (maximum volume according to current computer volume settings). This is a floating point value.

This example will calculate how much of the sound has played so far, from 0 to 1.

let soundDictionary = soundinfo(Identifier)
let soundDuration = val(getdictionaryvalue(soundDictionary,"Duration","0"))
let soundPosition = val(getdictionaryvalue(soundDictionary,"Position","0"))
let soundProgress = divzero(soundPosition,soundDuration)

Error Messages

soundinfo( function error: timer does not exist – There is no sound being played with the specified name

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