The str( function converts a number into text, with no formatting.


This function has one parameter:

number – is the number you want to convert to text.


The str( function converts a number into text, using a plain format. If you want to format the number (add commas, specify the number of digits after the decimal point, add leading zeros, etc.) use the pattern( function.

str(45) ☞ 45
str(45.5) ☞ 45.5

The + operator implicitly performs a str( function when you add a number and a text value together. The following two formulas produce identical results:

60+ " pickles at $"+29.95
str(60)+" pickles at $"+str(29.95)

Note: the str( function gets its name because it converts numbers into strings. String is a word computer programmers often use for a text value, because the characters are lined up as if they were attached to a string.

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