The strip( function strips off leading and trailing blanks and other whitespace (carriage returns, tabs, etc.)


This function has one parameter:

text – the item of text that you want to strip.


This function removes blanks, carriage returns, tabs, or any other whitespace at the beginning or end of the text, but does not affect blanks in the middle of the text. Here are three examples of how the strip( function works.

strip(" John Smith") ☞ John Smith
strip("net 30 ") ☞ net 30
strip("   New York  ") ☞ New York
strip("    joy to the world    ") ☞ joy to the world

In the first example, the leading space (in front of John) is removed.

In the second example, the extra space (after 30) is removed.

In the third and fourth examples, both the leading and trailing spaces are removed.

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