In the course of operation, Panorama X accesses various resources on the internet. Normally this happens automatically in the background. However, if you are using monitoring/blocking software like Little Snitch or Hands Off, you’ll may need to make adjustments to the connection rules you have established in those programs.


Panorama X contacts the server periodically for managing your Panorama X account. It communicates with when starting a trial, creating a new account, making payments, and updating your account information. It also transmits usage information periodically (a few times a day if Panorama is in continuous use). All communication with is secured with SSL encryption.

If Panorama X is unable to communicate with (either because the computer is not connected or because the connection is blocked by monitoring/blocking software), Panorama X will continue to work normally for about sixteen hours. After that, Panorama will start notifying you periodically that a connection needs to be established, and eventually, Panorama X will refuse to operate further until a connection is established.

Computer Name/Serial Number — The server keeps track of what computers are currently logged on to your account. If you are an administrator user, you can review this list in the Site License wizard, and even remotely log off users (for example if an employee is terminated but you don’t have physical control of the computer). This information is stored in encrypted format on our server, but ProVUE never accesses this information — it is only kept so that it can be displayed in the Site License wizard.


Panorama X uses to process payments. If is blocked, you won’t be able to make payments on your Panorama X account.


Panorama X uses to validate the email address you enter when you create a new account. This is done for your protection, so that you don’t accidentally enter an obviously incorrect email address like It would be very inconvenient for you if you accidentally enter an incorrect email address for your account. However, if you want to bypass the email validation, hold down the Option key when you press the Create New Account button. (You still must enter an email address, even if you hold down the Option key).


The Panorama X web based help system reports usage statistics back to us via Google Analytics. This helps us to improve the documentation. If you don’t want Google to know which help pages you are looking at you can use a firewall to block Panorama from resolving This will not affect the operation of the help system.

Other URLs

In addition to the URLs listed above, you can build a Panorama application that accesses other URLs, using either the Web Browser form object, or in a program using url(, loadurl(, posturl( and other similar functions. To allow these features to operate without restriction, you’ll need to exempt Panorama from connection restrictions in any monitoring/blocking software you are using.


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