The displaydata statement will display data in a large dialog with a scroll bar.


This statement has two parameters:

message – The message that appears in the alert.

options – See superalert for descriptions of the available options.


This statement will display data in a large dialog with a scroll bar. This statement is based on the superalert statement. The second parameter to the displaydata statement can take all of the same options as the superalert statement, but has different default values. The default options are scrollable, white background, Monaco 9 point font, window height 100 points less than screen height, width 80% of screen width, with three buttons: Ok, Stop and Copy. This statement is ideal for quickly displaying large amounts of text, especially when debugging.

displaydata warAndPeace

You can override the defaults by supplying a second parameter with the options you want changed.

displaydata warAndPeace,{title=”Book” font=“Times Roman” size=12}

The Ok button simply dismisses the alert. The Stop button dismisses the alert and stops the program. The Copy button copies the text onto the clipboard, then dismisses the alert and stops the program.

Use the buttons= option if you want to eliminate the Stop and/or Copy buttons.

displaydata warAndPeace,{buttons="Ok"}

You might think that you could use the buttons= option to add different buttons. If you try it you’ll find that the buttons will appear, but they won’t work. Sorry. If you need that capability, use the superalert statement.

If you want to change the text appearance midstream, using the style=rich option. When this option is used you can use RTML tags inside the message text to change appearance of the text at any point. See the richtextdisplay( function for the details on RTML tags. This example displays a dictionary entry, with the word itself displayed in bold.

displaydata "<b>"+word+"</b> -- "+definition,{style=rich}


10.0UpdatedCarried over from Panorama 6.0, but now allows rich text to be displayed in the alert, and also allows the close window button to be enabled.