The editcellstop statement opens the edit window for the currently active field (or cell), highlighting the data, and allows you to edit that field.


No parameters.


This statement opens the edit window for the current field allowing you to make changes to the field manually. After this statement opens the edit window the procedure will stop. This is not quite the same as using the regular editcell statement followed by a stop statement. In that case the procedure doesn’t stop immediately, but waits until the user finishes editing. Use editcellstop if you want automatic procedures to trigger when the user finishes editing.

Warning: opening a field containing data will cause that data to be highlighted (selected) which will cause the data to be replaced with the keystrokes that follow. Remember to insert the cursor into the field before editing begins. If you prefer you may use the editselect statement in the same procedure to preset the insertion point for the editing cursor.

This statement has the same effect as double-clicking on the current field (or cell).

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.