The importrawdata statement imports raw binary data into an existing database.


This statement has three parameters:

data – binary data to import. This data is usually generated with the info(“rawrecord”) or info(“rawdatabasedata”) functions, or by using the binarydatabuild( function to combine the output of multiple info(“rawrecord”) functions.

option – An option for customizing the way the import works. See below for descriptions of each option. The option can be specified in either upper or lower case.

value – The new value for this option.


This statement imports binary data into the current database. The binary data must exactly match the binary format of this database, you cannot mix binary data between different databases. This statement is normally used only by ProVUE Development, incorrect usage will result in a corrupted database.


In addition to the data to import, you can also specify multiple option/value pairs in a single importtext statement, like this:

importrawdata text,option1,value1,option2,value2,option3,value3

At this time the only supported option is existingdata, described in detail below.


The importrawdata statement normally replaces the existing data in the database with the imported data. You can use this option to tell it to append the data instead.

importrawdata Presidents,"ExistingData","Append"

If you want to replace the existing data with the imported data, use replace instead of append (or just leave this option off).

Note: The default for this option is the opposite to the default for the importtext statement.

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