The newdatabaseusingblueprint statement creates a new database from a blueprint.


This statement has one parameter:

blueprint – Path and name of the blueprint file, or "" if you want the statement to prompt the user for the location of the blueprint file.


This statement creates a new database from a blueprint (the blueprint must have been saved with the saveblueprint statement, or using the File>Export>Blueprint menu command). The new database will have the same fields, forms and procedures as the original database (however, it will not contain any data).

This example creates a new mailing list database using a blueprint in the Documents folder.

newdatabaseusingblueprint "~/Documents/Mailing List.blueprint"

If the path/name is left blank, Panorama will display a dialog that allows the blueprint file to be chosen on the fly.

newdatabaseusingblueprint ""

This is exactly the same as choosing the File>New>New Database from Blueprint… menu command (in fact, this menu command uses the newdatabaseusingblueprint statment to do its job.

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