The speechvoice statement changes the default speech voice.


This statement has one parameter:

voice – name of the new voice.


This statement changes the default voice used for speech synthesis (this voice can be overriden by the speak statement).

speechvoice "Victoria"

For a list of all available voices use the info(“voices”) function.

To find out the current Panorama voice, use the info(“speechvoice”) function. This example switches to Kathy’s voice, then switches back to whatever voice was being used before.

local wasVoice
wasVoice = info("speechvoice")
speechvoice "Kathy"
... speak using Kathy's voice
speechvoice wasVoice
... speak in original voice

Note: To return to the system default voice, specify "" as the voice, like this:

speechvoice "" // restore the system default voice

At the time this was written, the system default voice is Alex.

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