Some users report seeing the following error codes when attempting to activate a Panorama serial number:

• System Problem Code: -7
• System Problem Code: -8

This problem is caused by a permissions issue on the root level of your hard drive. The problem occurred rarely in earlier versions of Mac OS (we would get one or two reports a year), but it seems to be more common in Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks (10.9), we are now getting 2 or 3 reports of this a week. We're working on developing a permanent fix for this issue, but for now, a simple process can fix the problem in less than a minute.

1. Select your startup drive in the Finder.


2. Press Command-I (or choose Get Info from the File menu.


3. Look at the bottom section of the Get Info window (called Sharing and Permissions). This section has three entries, which on recent Macintoshs have the names of system, wheel, and everyone. (Technical note: On older systems, the second entry was admin.)


4. Click the Lock icon in the lower right corner. Enter your password, you'll then see that the lock is unlocked.


5. Press the + button in the lower left corner. A small sheet will appear. Click on your user name, and then the Select button.


6. A new entry that bears your user name will appear in the Sharing & Permissions area.


7. Click on Read Only and change it to Read & Write.


8. You're done -- the result should like the window below.


You can now close the Get Info window. Once these steps are complete, you'll be able to activate your Panorama serial number without encountering an error.

Note: Here is an alternate method for resolving this problem.

1. thru 4. Same as above
5. Click on the everyone entry in the Sharing & Permissions area, then click on Read Only and change it to Read & Write.

A third method is describe in this older tech note. (This older method is more complicated so you should stick with the steps above unless instructed otherwise by ProVUE staff.)