Some users report seeing the following error codes when attempting to activate a Panorama serial number:

• System Problem Code: -7
• System Problem Code: -8

This problem is caused by a permissions issue on the root level of your hard drive. The problem occurred rarely in earlier versions of Mac OS (we would get one or two reports a year), but it seems to be more common in Lion (10.7), we are now getting 2 or 3 reports of this a week. We're working on developing a permanent fix for this issue, but for now, the solution is to enable and log on as the root user while activating Panorama. This is described by the steps below. (Note: This page shows a simpler method for resolving this problem.)

Most of the steps listed below are taken from this Apple tech note. These instructions are for Lion (10.7) and later. If you encounter this problem on an earlier version of OS X please see the Apple tech note.

Enabling and using the "root" user

Part 1 - Enabling the Root User

1. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences....
2. From the View menu choose Users & Groups.
3. Click the lock and authenticate as an administrator account.
4. Click Login Options....
5. Click the "Edit..." or "Join..." button at the bottom right.
6. Click the "Open Directory Utility..." button.
7. Click the lock in the Directory Utility window.
8. Enter an administrator account name and password, then click OK or Modify Configuration.
9. Choose Enable Root User from the Edit menu (this is in the menu bar, NOT in the window itself).
10. Enter the root password you wish to use in both the Password and Verify fields, then click OK.

Part 2 - Logging on as the Root User

1. If you are logged in, choose Log Out from the Apple menu.
2. If you are logging in from a list of usernames with pictures, click Other.
3. In the Name field, type: root
4. In the Password field, type the password you defined in the steps above.

Now you should be logged onto the computer as root, so you can activate your panorama serial number.

Part 3 - Activating your Panorama Serial Number

1. Launch Panorama
2. Open Registration
3. Enter and submit your serial number
4. Verify that Panorama is now activated.

Part 4 - Finish Up

1. Quit Panorama
2. Choose Log Out from the Apple menu
3. Log back in using your normal user ID

You may now use Panorama normally.

Note: We didn't actually write this tech note. In fact, it is actually an exact copy of the Apple tech note on this topic. Once again, here's a link to the original Apple tech note:

Enabling and using the "root" user

Most users have no trouble following the steps in this tech note. A handful of users, however, have had difficulty. Unfortunately we (ProVUE) are unable to provide assistance with this. We're not unwilling, but we simply have no knowledge on this topic. In fact, we haven't actually ever encountered a system that required logging on as a root user to active Panorama, so we've never actually attempted these steps ourselves. Since all of the steps in this tech note involve Apple software, you'll need to contact Apple to resolve any problems in following these steps. The handful of users that have encountered problems were able to resolve the difficulty with Apple's assistance. (If Apple give you any great tips, we'd love to hear about them.)