Real Users Talk About Panorama

"The way Panorama allows you to take advantage of its features over time, as you discover what you need and learn more about how to use Panorama itself, proves to be the most unusual and attractive aspect of the program. I'm no database expert, but other databases I've used over the years haven't been nearly as flexible or forgiving if you decide that you want to change the way the database works in some fairly radical fashion. If you are looking for a database that can grow with you, Panorama is worth taking for a test drive." - Adam Engst, Publisher, Take Control Books

"I'm a musician, not a computer expert. I want to spend my time writing new compositions for my next recording, not designing databases or doing bookeeping. But I do need to keep my small record label organized, and with Panorama it was easy to set up everything I needed: invoicing, billing, labels, letters, reminders, and most importantly, tracking sales. Panorama's step-by-step directions made it easy to do everything myself — creating a new database takes only seconds! Panorama's ease of use and speed make my life so much easier. I recommend it to anyone running a business of any size." - Scott August, Cedar Mesa Music, Hollywood, CA

"My personal database needs were small in the beginning but over the last 24 years using OverVUE and Panorama, the projects have grown by leaps and bounds. My career as a database programmer has allowed me to use Panorama as the solution for a myriad of business needs including doctors, lawyers, hotels, jewelry stores, realtors, aircraft manufacturers, and many others. The best part of using Panorama has been that in all those years, I can't seem to ever remember having to tell a client, 'It can't be done.' Using Panorama to make the computers 'dance and sing' has always been such an enjoyable way to make a living." - Robert Ameeti, Irvine, CA

"Here at the Boulder County Treasurer's Office we have access to a host of software tools, but we had one gnarly problem that nothing could solve — except Panorama. Our bank sends us a daily report that needs to be processed, but the report format they send us is all mixed up. Only Panorama could extract the information, reformat it into a standard format, and merge it with information from our in-house database so we could automatically post payments. Before Panorama: at least an hour a day of tedious error prone hand entry. After Panorama: about 10 mintues to accurately post 50-100 accounts each day. The staff thinks I'm a hero. Thanks!" - Steve Elliot, Boulder County Chief Deputy Treasurer, Boulder, CO

"I'm sure there's at least $20,000 in software on my laptop, but Panorama continues to be — by far — my all-time favorite application and the best software investment I have ever made. I call Panorama my "secret weapon." No matter what other data manipulation tool someone might use, Windows, UNIX, mainframe, or Mac, I truly believe that Panorama should be in every serious computer user's toolkit. It is extremely approachable, useful to newbies in minutes, but also tremendously capable with depth few are ever likely to outgrow. At the same time, Panorama's RAM model is conceptually brilliant, leveraging today's fast CPUs filled with cheap memory. ...Superb product, superb continuous development, superb support."  - Danny Grizzle, Media Mogul Productions, TX

"Panorama has already been very useful this week, dealing easily with a 2-1/2 million record database (with over one hundred fields) that brings FileMaker to its knees. I haven't worked the tutorial yet, but I have been able to figure everything out so far by trying things and referring to the documentation as needed. Nice job." - David Fann, University of Florida (Panorama user for six days when this testimonial was written!)

"Have I communicated just what I find so wonderful about this program? It's the fact that my data feels safe and is easy to check on. It's the ingenious anticipation of my needs. It's how the workings of my databases are easy to track down. It's the fact that easy things are easy and hard things are not that hard, in contrast with other database programs where you have to dance all around the moon to get certain things done. Ultimately, it's the total programmability, which makes me feel I could build anything I like." - Matt Neuburg,

"I grew up in the PC environment, and by default MSAccess & VB became my primary data organization tools. I even toyed a bit with Filemaker and 4D, but found them a bit too obtuse. Then I discovered Panorama... and I've never looked back. It's power for data manipulation and transformation is unmatched by anything I've ever used. It's lean and fast and marvelous for merge/purge and data comparison operations. And what originally attracted me was the simplicity and power of the query interface as well as some other inbuilt features. It made so much more sense than the bloated MSAccess interface. This old PC head is now is Mac head also. Primarily a Mac head, actually. I'm a convert, and it's all due to Panorama and OSX." - Michael Correll, Doing Business in Memphis

"Panorama is absolutely a top notch database manager in all respects. It runs flawlessly, it is stable, it is easy enough for a beginner to use and so programmable that it will challenge the best developers to fully use its power. Databases I have created range in complexity from a simple flat file project tracker to a very complex Panorama relational database. Over the years I have done database development with competing database managers including Oracle, 4D, Filemaker, and a few others, but I have always preferred to use Panorama. I can finish the job faster, ending with a highly funtional system. I have developed Panorama databases which manipulate millions of records as well as databases holding only a few records — all with equal success."  - Jack Stewart, Motorola, Phoenix, AZ

"Databases are supposed to be work, not entertainment, but when I started using Panorama I had so much fun I stayed up way too late for days on end! The speed and ability to fearlessly explore made Panorama the software equivalent of a page-turner I just couldn't put down. If I get in a jam I just Revert to Saved and start over again — why doesn't every database let you do that? Oh yeah, when I finished playing I got my work done too, and faster and more accurately than ever before." - Mark de Jong, Poway, CA

"My background is as a military and commercial pilot. Becoming a database guru was not on the flight plan, but Panorama made it easy. I first used Panorama to help with volunteer work — simple projects like conference registrations. I then stepped up to running high school track meets. Coaches loved Panorama because the results came in so quickly! I liked it becase it was easy and fast, and let me do whatever I needed. I slowly added more features to my Panorama databases and eventually sold some as commercial programs. Now I help run big college track meets all over the country." - Peter Gurerrini,, Santa Rosa, CA

"Panorama is an absolute pleasure to work with and has spoiled me immensely. On occasion I have to work with the competition's software and each time, I come away frustrated. Panorama so simply and elegantly does what others cannot. Panorama is blindingly fast and its programming language has become so rich over the many years of development that I can't think of a database solution that can't be handled by this powerhouse." - Glenn Kowalski (Apple Consultants Network), MacLab, Takoma Park, MD

"I've been using my own LiveClairvoyance form since it first became available, and I love it. It's extremely useful for looking up customers when I only have a fragment of information about them — a partial company name, a city, a contact name." - Scott Taylor, Prototek Corporation, Poulsbo, WA

"I have once again realized what a joy it is to work with Panorama. This past week has been spent updating two old projects from several years ago — one in Filemaker, the other in Panorama. Panorama makes it so easy to examine database structure and program code. It was easy to see what needed to be worked on. I could easily add code from more recent projects to my Panorama project. I have all but finished my Panorama project, while the Filemaker project is still in the document and explain phase."  - Eric Bolden, University of Wisconsin (Madison), WI

"As a successful photographer with a growing business, I turned to Panorama to manage my client lists, process invoices and track my images. With Panorama's help my business continued to grow. Almost immediately other photographers wanted copies of what I had built and a new business was born. With features other databases couldn't match, my InView & StockView became very popular products among professional photographers worldwide. Panorama is incredibly versatile, allowing me to build just about anything." - James Cook, HindSight Ltd., Saugatuk, MI

"I have been using Panorama and FileMaker for 20 years. I am also one of the original members of the original Apple consulting network group (ACN), I just cancelled my membership in the FileMaker Business Alliance because, once again, ProVUE has taken the fastest, most full featured database available and made it the only database application I'll ever need. Everyday I discover something new and enabling. I have yet to find a programming challenge that can't be accomplished using Panorama.

In addition, ProVUE's Enterprise server is the fastest, easiest to access and easiest to administer server I have ever used. The "mesh" architecture, redundant client architecture and auto updating of clients from the server immensely cuts down my administration time. The web programming tools for forms are fantastic and the integration between browser and database are the fastest I've seen. Simple to set up, simple to administer, simple to use, yet extremely powerful. What's not to like?" - Jeff Kozuch (Apple Consultants Network), Acacia Systems, Long Beach, CA

"I have been using Panorama (and OverVUE, its predecessor) since the dawn of the Mac (over twenty years). I have found that I can easily and quickly develop sophisticated applications that exactly meet client requirements — our clients range from a major market research bureau, a restaurant guide, a creative PR agency, and much more. We haven't found any other database system or programming tools that give us anywhere near the power and versatility of the Panorma/Panorama Enterprise system." - David Sherwood, Flamble Ltd., London, England

"I love the programme - it allows a completely non computer person like me to develop programmes to deal with my beef cattle operation, as well as my tax calculations." - Michelle Dunlop, New South Wales, Australia