Track Magic Pro is a comprehensive management and analysis tool for Ruby on Rails. Track Magic Pro allows developers and administrators to access, analyze and modify database tables directly, bypassing the standard Rails web interface. Track Magic Pro works with existing Rails applications without modification, and can be used both during development and with live production Rails applications.

Key Track Magic Pro features:
  • Rapid data analysis with no coding, including crosstabs, charts and collapsible data outlines.
  • Local RAM caching of open tables for fast searching and analysis.
  • "Round trip" data modification — edit Rails data on the desktop using Panorama's advanced data entry interface, without the limits of a web browser. Data can even be edited off-line for later upload to Rails.
  • Easily and quickly make ad hoc changes across an entire database, including search and replace and formula based changes.
  • Flexible high speed searching across all fields or using an arbitrary boolean formula (no indexing required).
  • Import legacy data (tab or comma delimited, excel, QIF/QFX/OFX) with no coding. Also allows rapid pre-processing/massaging of legacy data before uploading to Rails. It's never been easier to rapidly build and populate new Rails tables. Panorama also makes it easy to export data in legacy text formats with optional post-processing.
  • Interactive graphical interface for creating printable mailing labels, forms, and reports with no coding.
  • Automatically create test fixtures.
  • Build hybrid web/desktop applications that combine Rails for the public web interface with Panorama for internal back-end functions like reports, maintenance of internally generated databases (price list changes, etc.) and data analysis.
  • Includes all the features of Track Magic Lite (see below), including visually cataloging and organizing all applications and hosts, and an interactive GUI interface for common Rake tasks like creating applications and tables, setting up and modify table structure, managing hosts, freezing and unfreezing, and performing migrations.
Eric Bolden, Senior Information Processing Consultant at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biostatistics department, was a Track Magic Pro beta tester for several months.

"Track Magic Pro saved me on multiple Rails projects with short deadlines. The ability to easily preview the data I was going to work with, and to be able to quickly clean it up, was a treat. Even with hundreds of thousands of records I could easily see patterns with problematic data and correct it. Track Magic Pro also makes importing large amounts of data into my Rails projects extremely easy as well, especially when the data needs to be adjusted to pass all of the necessary validations."

Track Magic Pro seamlessly supports your existing Rails applications and maximizes your productivity while creating, managing, testing and deploying Rails applications. All access to database tables is through Active Record, so Track Magic Pro will work with any Rails compatible database host (SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, etc.). Want to learn more? Take the Guided Tour for an in depth look, including detailed screencasts of Track Magic Pro in operation.

Track Magic Lite (Build & Manage Rails Databases and SQL Hosts)

Track Magic Lite is a free tool that automates the use of Rake and other Rails command line tools with a full graphical interface.

Using Track Magic’s simple dialogs you can:
  • Visually catalog and organize all of your Rails applications and hosts
  • Create new Rails databases
  • Create new tables
  • Add, remove and rename fields in existing tables
  • Set up associations
  • Freeze or unfreeze any Rails application
  • Set up seven types of data validation (exclusion, format, length, inclusion, numericality, presense, uniqueness)
  • View and run migrations
  • Control Mongrel web server
Track Magic Lite keeps all the components for Rails development organized and at your fingertips. It can even scan your system to find out what hosts you’ve used in your existing Rails applications. Setting up a new Rails application to use a particular host is as simple as making a single menu selection — all the host options (ip, encoding, passwords, etc.) are set up automatically for you. When using SQLite or MySQL Track Magic can even automatically create the necessary databases on the server for you.

System Requirements

Track Magic requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later, and works with Rails 2.0 or later. All access to database tables is through Active Record, so Track Magic Pro will work with any Rails compatible database host (SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, etc.) on either local or remote servers.

Free 30 Day Trial

Try Track Magic Pro yourself free for 30 days. See the download page for details. (After 30 days the Track Magic Pro features will expire, but you can continue to use Track Magic Lite for free to manage all of your Rails applications and hosts.)

Special Introductory Pricing — Only $99.95!

Track Magic Pro is normally $299, but for a limited time we’re offering an introductory price of just $99.95 — you save $200!