The primary focus of this release shifts back to the Data Sheet. You can now click on a cell to highlight it and select it for future operations (sorts, etc.). You can use the arrow keys to move to a different selected cell.

Pop-Up Editor Window

Pressing the Tab key or double clicking on a cell opens a pop-up editor window, much like earlier versions of Panorama. The cell editor has a semi-transparent border around it. Clicking the lower right corner of this border allows you to resize the cell. Clicking the lower edge of the border allows vertical resizing, clicking the right edge allows horizontal resizing (resizing is flipped if the field is left justified). Like previous versions, Panorama remembers the size of the pop-up editor window for each column.

Pop-Up Editor Window
Pop-Up Editor Window

When you’re done editing, press the Enter key (or click on another cell in the data sheet). If the pop-up editor is one line high, you can also press the Return key to terminate editing. If the pop-up editor is more than one line high (actually the crossover point is currently at 1.3 lines) then pressing Return starts a new line. To close the window without saving the changes, press the Escape key. You can tab or shift-tab to advance to the next or previous cell. (Neither vertical tabbing or tabbing from the last column to the first cell of the next row is supported yet.)

A big difference from previous versions of Panorama is that the pop-up editor window does not automatically close when the window it is attached to closes. You can switch to another window or even another application, then come back to editing the cell. You can even have multiple pop-up editor windows open at once, which is nice if you want to copy and paste between them. If you do something in another window that invalidates the pop-up editor window (for example moving to a different record) then all pop-up editor windows for that database will automatically close.

Automatic Calculations

This release implements spreadsheet mode calculations, including line items. If you’re a fan of procedure mode, we’ll have something for you in a future release.

Data Cell Objects

In graphics mode, Text Editor objects have a new option: Pop Up Editing. When this is checked, the Text Editor object act like Panorama’s traditional data cell objects: clicking once selects the object and highlights it (if it is a field), and double clicking opens a pop-up editor window just like the one used in the data sheet. When importing a form from a previous version of Panorama, any data cell objects will be imported as Text Objects with this option set. Note: Text Editor objects do not support the pattern option that was previously available for Data Cell objects.

Brand new features implemented in this release (features that were not included in Panorama 6):

Features implemented in this release that work differently than they did in Panorama 6.

Features implemented in this release that work exactly the same as they did in Panorama 6.

ALL features that were added or changed in this release:

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