The tan( function calculates the tangent of an angle.


This function has one parameter:

angle – a numeric value, an angle. The angle is usually specified in a mathematical unit of measurement called radians, however, within a procedure you can temporarily force Panorama to use degrees (see below). One radian is equal to approximately 57.2958 degrees (the exact value is 180/pi).


This function calculates the tangent of an angle. The graph below shows the result of the tan( function given input values from -10 to +10.

y = tan( x )
y = tan( x )

The tan( function normally accepts input angles in radians. In a procedure you can tell Panorama to switch to using degrees instead, like this:


The degree statement tells Panorama to use degrees instead of radians in all trigonometry calculations. Panorama will continue to use degrees until the end of the procedure, or until a radian statement is encountered.

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