The Panorama Database Exchange allows you to download databases uploaded by other Panorama users. This page explains how to download databases – to learn how to upload your databases see Uploading to the Panorama Database Exchange.

To open the exchange, choose Panorama Database Exchange from the Help menu. The sidebar displays a list of available databases. To access any database in the exchange, start by clicking on the database in the sidebar, then download it. Once the download is complete, the Open button will be enabled and you can open the database.

Once you’ve downloaded a file, you can open it again whenever you want without having to download it again.

Reveal in Finder

If you want to see the downloaded file in the Finder instead of opening it, hold down the Control key when you press the Open button (or right click on the button). From the Finder you can easily transfer or copy the database to a new location.

Note: The exchange normally downloads databases to a folder inside the Downloads folder. To change this location use the File>Download Folder… dialog.

Searching for a Database

As the exchange grows, you may need to winnow down the list of databases shown in the sidebar. To do this, simply type into the search area in the upper left hand corner.

To search for databases from a particular person, enter their e-mail address.

Search Scope

To change the overall search scope, click on the magnifying glass icon.

You have three choices:

Sorting the Database List

To sort the list, use the same pop-up menu.

The choices are: