The executeperlscript statement executes Perl code.


This statement has four parameters:

source – Perl source code.

result – script output sent to stdout.

folder – folder to execute Perl script in (default to current database folder)

timeout – Timeout in seconds (default is 60 if not supplied).


This statement executes a Perl script. Using special tags, the script can access formulas that use Panorama fields and variables (including local variables). (The formulas are actually calculated in advance, then substituted into the Perl code as constants.)

WARNING: Apple has stopped providing Perl with macOS. If you are using a recent version of macOS, you will have to install Perl yourself. See Scripting Language Configuration to learn how to do this.

To embed a Panorama formula that has a text result into the Perl code, use this syntax:


To embed a numeric formula, use this syntax:


Here is a silly example that displays the time (of course this could be done from within Panorama, without using Perl).

local pr
executeperlscript |||print "Hello from Panorama "«timepattern(now(),"hh:mm:ss am/pm")»"+“\n"|||,pr
message pr

Note: This statement has been superceded by the perl statement and perl( functions. Use these for new applications.

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