The fixsuperdates statement fixes Panorama 6 SuperDates in current field.


No parameters.


This statement fixes Panorama 6 SuperDates in the current field. Use this statement when converting a database from Panorama 6 to Panorama X. It should be run once for any field that contains SuperDates (it will not hurt anything to run it more than once, however).

For example, suppose your Panorama 6 database contains two fields with SuperDates, Departure and Arrival. This statement will fix the data in these fields.

field Departure
field Arrival

Note: If you don’t fix the SuperDates in your database, things will mostly still work. However, a SuperDate entered in Panorama 6 will not compare correctly with a SuperDate entered in Panorama X. So for example this program:

select Departure+3600 > Arrival

may not properly select data if some of the data was entered in Panorama 6, and some of it in Panorama X. The fixsuperdates function will fix this problem. If you have any doubts, go ahead and run this statement, it doesn’t hurt to run it more than once. However, don’t run it on any field that doesn’t contain SuperDates.

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