The objectid statement selects one graphic object in the current form based on an ID number.


This statement has one parameter:

id – is a special ID number that identifies a graphic object. Each graphic object in a form has a unique ID number. You can use the objectinfo( function to find out the ID number for an object, and the ID number is also returned by functions like info(“clickedobjectid”) and info(“focusobjectid”). Warning: Editing the form in graphics mode may change all the ID values for objects in the form.


This function selects an individual object by its ID number, just as if you had clicked on the object. Usually you would have gotten this ID number earlier with functions like objectinfo(“id”), info(“clickedobjectid”) and info(“focusobjectid”).

This example will find and store the ID of the object the user clicks on. (Note: This procedure is assumed to be triggered by a transparent button which overlays several other graphic objects.)

global hitObject
hitObject = info("clickedobjectid")

Later another procedure can re-select this object easily (assuming the form hasn’t been edited in the meantime).

objectid hitObject

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10.0No ChangeCarried over from Panorama 6.0.