The speechrate statement changes the speech rate (words per minute).


This statement has one parameter:

rate – speaking rate (words per minute). Normal speech is typically 150 to 250 words per minute.


This statement changes the rate for speech synthesis (this rate can be overridden by the speak statement. This example sets the rate to a fairly high speed.

speechrate 220

To find out the current speech rate, use the info(“speechrate”) function. This example switches to really fast talking, then switches back to whatever speed was being used before.

local wasRate
wasRate = info("speechrate")
speechrate 300
... speak really, really fast
speechrate wasRate
... speak at original speed

Note: To return to the system speed, specify 0 as the rate, like this:

speechrate 0 // restore the default rate

Note: Different voices have different default rates.

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