The summarylevel statement changes the summary level of the current line.


This statement has one parameter:

level – is a number that specifies the new summary level of the record. This value may be between 0 (data record) and 7 (highest level summary).


This statement will arbitrarily change the summary level of the current line. This is usually not a very useful thing to do, and we don’t recommend doing it. It is generally better to let summary records be manipulated by the Groupup, RemoveSummaries, and RemoveDetail statements. Note: A procedure can find out the summary level of the current record with the info(“summary”) function.

This example increases the summary level of the current record. If the current record is a data record, it becomes a level 1 summary, if it is a level 1 summary it becomes level 2. (Don’t ask why you would do this, it’s just an example!)

if info("summary") < 7
    summarylevel 1+info("summary")

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