The tweakobject statement tweaks the dimensions of an object (or multiple objects).


This statement has three parameters:

object – object name or id number.

transform – type of transformation to make to the rectangle. See the rectangletweak) function for the complete list of available transforms.

value – the value used for transforming the rectangle. Usually this is in points, but when the * prefix is used, it is a multiplication factor.


This statement tweaks the dimensions of an object using one or more rectangletweak( transformations. This example

tweakobject "Go Button","+y",20

You can apply multiple transformations to an object, like this:

tweakobject "Go Button","+y",20,"+x",100

If you supply a carriage return delimited array as the first parameter, you can apply the same transformation to multiple objects at a time. This example will move both buttons down by 16 points.

tweakobject commatocr("Go Button,Stop Button","+y",16

See the rectangletweak( function to learn about the various transformations that can be performed, including x, y, top, left, right, bottom, height, width and size.

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