The webformitembang statement sets the text generated by the webformitembang( function.


This statement has one parameter:

bang – text that be will generated if item has an error. If this parameter is empty then the default error bang text is restored, the exclamation mark (!).


This statement sets the text generated by the webformitembang( function. Out of the box, the webformitembang( function returns a single exclamation mark, but using webformitembang you can customize it to whatever you want. For example, this code will set the bang to a stop sign emoji.

webformitembang "🛑"

Normally this only affects the current database, but you can add the prefix global to make this symbol work on all databases on this server.

webformitembang "global 🛑"

The bang will remain in effect until you change it, or until you reset it like this:

webformitembang ""

If the bang text ends with .gif, .png, .jpg or .jpeg it will be treated as an image url, and converted into an <img> tag.

webformitembang "http://somesite.com/images/red_circle.jpg"

The code above will cause webformitembang( to return this HTML code:

<img src="http://somesite.com/images/red_circle.jpg">

Usually you’ll want to display images from your own server (it’s generally frowned upon to side-link images from someone else’s server). To do that, you can simply leave off the domain name. This code assumes that you have an images folder at the root level of your web server, which contains a file named red_circle.jpg.

webformitembang "/images/red_circle.jpg"

For this to work you have to have set up the server domain in the Preferences>Server panel.

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