If you write Panorama code, you really should be using debug instrumentation. This release makes using instrumentation even easier than before. In fact, with b28 you can start using instrumentation with these four simple steps:

  1. Open the Advanced Preferences panel and enable the Instrumentation Panel (you’ll only have to do this once).
  2. Open a procedure window and add one or more zlog statements to the code (works just like message, but output goes to instrumentation). Leave the procedure window open.
  3. Using the Instrumentation menu (microscope icon), choose Monitor Log in Terminal.app (or BBEdit if you have BBEdit 14.5 or later installed). A new terminal window will appear. (Note from the future: Starting with b34, Panorama now has a built in Instrumenation Log window, so using Terminal.app or BBEdit is no longer necessary. See Debug Instrumentation.
  4. Run your procedure. The output from the zlog statements will appear in the terminal window as the program runs.

There is no step 5. You don’t have to worry about setting up Console.app, or enabling coverage of your procedure, or anything else. And once you’ve done this once, there are only two steps: add zlog statements to your code, and run the procedure. When you’re done debugging, just close the procedure window. You don’t even need to remove the zlog statements, they’ll automatically be disabled when the procedure window is closed. If you later need to do further debugging, they’ll be ready for further use simply by opening the procedure window again.

Of course there are additional details if you want to read about them (see Debug Instrumentation, but it’s not really necessary for basic debugging.

In addition to the changes to debug instrumentation, there is also a potpourri of assorted bug fixes, as listed below.