The arraystrip( function removes any blank elements from a text array or a data array (see Text Arrays and Data Arrays).


This function has two parameters:

array – the array that you want to strip the blank elements from.

separator – the separator character for this array. This parameter is omitted if the target array is a data array.


This function returns a copy of the original array, with any blank array elements removed from the array.

arraystrip("Red,,Green,,,,Blue",",") ☞ Red,Green,Blue
arraystrip("   Now    is      the       time   "," ") ☞ Now is the time

Working with a Data Array

This function works with both data and text arrays. Because Data Arrays have no separators between elements, the separator parameter is omitted when targeting a data array.

The arraystrip( function operates on a data array a little differently to the way it does on a text array in that it strips out empty text, empty binary values and zero numeric (integer or floating point) values:

exportdataarray(arraystrip(dataarray(3, "", 9, 0, 25, 0.00)),";") ☞ 3;9;25

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