The getapplicationinfo( function retrieves the value of an item in the application’s plist, or a list of all plist items.


This function has one parameter:

item – is the name of the item to be retrieved. (If this item is "", or is omitted, the function will return a carriage return delimited list of available items.)


Cocoa applications contain a collection of items with information about the application. This is information is created when the application is compiled, and cannot be modified while the application is running. This function, however, allows you to read these items.

Here is how to get a list of all available items,


Either of these methods will return a carriage return separated list of item names.

Here is how to read a specific item:

getapplicationinfo("CFBundleVersion") ☞ 2109
getapplicationinfo("CFBundleName") ☞ PanoramaX

Note: This function will only work with items that are text, numbers or boolean values. If you ask for an item that is some other type (for example, an array), an error will be returned.

Note: This function can be abbreviated getappinfo(.

Error Messages

getapplicationinfo( function error application bundle does not contain an item named: – The item you requested does not exist.

Cannot decode value of class: – The item you requested is not a text, a number or boolean value.

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