The scopevalue( function returns the value of a variable in the specified scope.


This function has two parameters:

scope – specific scope that the variable must be contained in: local, windowglobal, fileglobal or global. The scope name can be abbreviated to the first letter: l, w, f or g.

variable – is the name of the variable you want to access. In general, this variable name must be enclosed in quotes (unless you are using a formula to calculate the name).


This function makes it possible to access a variable from a specific scope, even if that variable would normally be “hidden”. If there is no variable with the specified name in the specified scope this function will return an error, even if there is some other type of field or variable with this name.

This example dials the phone using the default area code stored as a fileglobal variable named DefaultAreaCode, even if there is also a local variable with this name.

dial scopevalue("fileglobal","DefaultAreaCode")+Phone

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