The local statement creates one or more local variables.


This statement has one parameter:

variables – is a list of variables to be created. Each variable should be separated from the next by a comma. If a variable name contains spaces or punctuation it should be surrounded by chevron (« ») characters.


The local statement creates one or more local variables. Local variables are only accessible within a procedure. (Global variables may be used by any procedure, and remain active until you quit from Panorama.) Each variable has a name, and can be used to hold pieces of information (numbers, text or binary data).

Panorama keeps the local variables for each procedure completely separate. If procedure A creates a local variable named myValue, that local variable cannot be used by procedure B. In fact, procedure B can create its own variable called myValue, and the two will be kept completely separate, with different values. (Note: Local variables should never be used in a form.)

The example creates two local variables, Channel and Home Timeouts.

local Channel, «Home Timeouts»

You may change the value of a variable with an assignment, like this:

«Home Timeouts»=«Home Timeouts»-1

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