The typecreatorcode( function returns the 8 character TYPE and CREATOR codes for a filename (if any).


This function has one parameter:

filename – The filename, including extension.


This function returns the Mac OS 9 type/creator code for a filename. It determines the type/creator codes based on the extension at the end of the filename. (If the file does not have an extension, or if the extension is unknown to Panorama, the function returns ????????.)

typecreatorcode("contacts.pan") ☞ ZEPDKASX
typecreatorcode("data.txt") ☞ TEXT    
typecreatorcode("image.jpg") ☞ JPEG    
typecreatorcode("data") ☞ ????????
typecreatorcode("data.xyz") ☞ ????????

Note: This function operates solely on the text of the filename. You don’t have to specify the location of the file, in fact, the file doesn’t even have to exist.

Common Type/Creator Codes

Here are some of the common type/creator codes that Panorama supports.

Type CodeCreatorExtensionsNotes
ZEPDKASX.pandbPanorama Database
KSETKASX.pansetPanorama File Set
TEXT.txt .html .css .csvText File
JPEG.jpg .jpeg .jpe .jfifJPEG Image File
PNGf.pngPNG Image File
TIFF.tiff .tifTIFF Image File
GIFf.gifGIF Image File
PICT.pict .pct .picPICT Image File (OS 9)
BMPf.gifBMP Image File (Windows)
PDF .pdfPDF Document (note space on end of type code)
8BPS.psdPhotoshop File
MOOV.mov .moov .qtQuickTime Move File
WAVE.wavAudio File
MPEG.mpg .mpeg .mp3 .mpe .mpa .mtvMPEG Media File
AIFF.aif .aiffAudio File

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