A Panorama database may contain dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of records. Finding a particular piece of information could be like locating a needle in a haystack. Fortunately Panorama can easily locate information for you.

Panorama’s search capabilities are very powerful, so we’ve split the documentation for this feature across several pages in the documentation.

Finding vs. Selecting

Panorama has two ways of locating information, finding and selecting. Finding is much like looking up a name in a phone book—Panorama points out the location of the information you are looking for. For example, you might ask Panorama to find a phone number or a price in a catalog. Panorama will locate the information, and position the database to that spot. In this example we’ve asked Panorama to find Blue Cross.

Selecting is like creating a whole new database containing only the information you are looking for. All the selected data remains visible, while everything else temporarily vanishes. For example, you might ask Panorama to select all customers that have purchased from you in the last six months, or all transactions over $250,000.

Deciding whether to find or select is your choice. Usually find is used when you want to locate a specific item like an address or price, while select is used when you want to locate a set of information. You can also combine the two techniques —- for example, first select a subset of the database, then find a specific item within that subset.

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